Roman Reigns Addresses Tyson Fury’s Clash in The Castle Involvement

Roman Reigns Addresses Tyson Fury's Clash in The Castle Involvement



Roman Reigns addresses Tyson Fury’s WWE Clash at the Castle.

At WWE Clash at the Castle, Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre to retain the undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event.

During the bout, boxing champion Tyson Fury knocked out Austin Theory, who had attempted to cash in on his Money in the Bank contract. After the match, Fury entered the ring, shook hands with Reigns, and teamed up with McIntyre to help him recover from the loss.

speak with secondsoutThe tribal chief explained what he thought of Fury’s involvement.

he said:

“I think he lost the match with everyone else in that stadium, he saw a guy like Austin Theory trying to disrupt this great fight in front of him, and he pulled the trigger and Stopped it himself. I think he was just a big fan at the moment, and didn’t want to ruin that moment by some dummy like Theory. He just stepped in and intervened, and he tried to play it like a champion Allowed, who would like to see it. Then the true champion won the match, and everything is as it should be, the world is perfect. ”

With the help of Solo Sequoia, Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Reigns will deal with another celebrity arriving at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5, when he faces Logan Paul for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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