Robotera continues to strive to move forward


Robotera is a new metaverse backed by ElBank Labs that is currently on pre-sale and selling very fast, and has now managed to raise $226,000 in record time.

The metaverse space is one that has grown steadily in recent years, with giants like Facebook rebranding their entire businesses to capitalize on the trend – this comes on top of an ever-changing digital society that continues to digitize.

A metaverse for the robot niche

There are many metaverses and they all have their own unique styles and value propositions. Decentraland is the original Metaverse and was intended to show the potential of what a decentralized planet could do.

Sandboxie, on the other hand, focuses on the high-end graphics and improved usability, while Axi Infinity and Illuvium focus more on gaming.

Robotera brings everything together: In addition to a focus on building your cities and socializing with other robots, those who participate in the Robotera metaverse will have the opportunity to play games where they compete to earn rewards. Tarot can win tokens.

Robotera DAO

The merits of decentralization and the team’s commitment to putting community first are at the forefront of the Robotera ecosystem.

For this reason, the team has decided to introduce the idea of ​​making Robotera a decentralized autonomous organization, which means that Taro token holders will have the opportunity to vote on changes to the project.

Taking this approach will help the project steer the community in the right direction and harness the power of the community’s hive mind.

The presale is now live on their website

The TARO Token Presale is now live on the RobotEra website and sold out very quickly – which is even more impressive when you consider that we are currently in the midst of a bearish market.

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Those who want to participate in the presale can now do so on the website, where the presale takes place in several phases.

Currently, the price of TARO tokens is selling for just $0.02, but it will rise to $0.025 in the next phase of the presale.




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