Road Dogg Named WWE Legend He Amended During Recovery


“Road Dog” Brian James had his own way of recovery, and this included making amends with several wrestling legends. James joined Chris Van Vliet on his “insight” series, and the WWE Hall of Famer gave his insight into how he began the process of making peace with himself and others.

“In the recovery program that I follow, it had some ‘revision’ parts, and so I had to make that list,” James said. “The Rock was the one for me.”

James continued, “I was actually very mean to him because I was jealous of him.” “He was a threat to me, because he would do everything I could, but he looked great … and at that point in my life, that bothered me, you know what my I mean? I was afraid of him… So I treated him awfully in front of everyone all the time, and I went up to him and he said, ‘Thanks, that’s nice of you to say.’ I don’t know if he forgives me, it’s none of my business, but as we say, I had to do this to clean up my part of the street.

James also noted that he had a difficult time with Jim Ross, the head of talent relations, during his struggles, and refused to help The Undertaker. When asked if he still remains in communication with any of the three, James mentioned the last time he saw The Rock.

“He came to the performance center when I was down there and spoke and saw some matches and stuff. We are still together,” James said.

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“It helps me,” James said of the revision process, which he still incorporates into his life daily. “It helps me keep my head on my pillow at night, and the more I dig into myself and figure out what my mistake was, the easier it is to fall asleep at night.”

The Rock and Road Dogg were also on different sides of the ring from the point of view of a historical wrestling story. on the latest version of “Oh You Don’t Know” Podcast, James watches the classic WWE Raw street fight between Degeneration-X and The Nation of Domination.

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