Report: Too many AEW stars missed Dynamite due to COVID-19



Last night’s AEW Dynamite Blood & Guts special dominated the match by surprise, but the rest of the show was thrown together at the last minute due to several AEW stars testing positive for COVID-19.

to speak on Wrestling Observer RadioDave Meltzer revealed that plans for the show had to be made very close to the show’s airing, as there was so much uncertainty about who would actually be able to compete.

he said:

‚ÄúThere were a lot of people who were not available for the show due to Covid. And that is the reason why he didn’t announce Aaj Tak show (other matches) apart from Blood and Guts, I don’t think he had any match till this morning. They didn’t announce much of the show ahead of time because… they had to redo, whatever it was, the show was being put together of late due to fear and things like that. So apart from a few matches, Blood and Guts matches, the matches themselves are not of normal quality.”

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Thankfully, the main event appears to be unaffected by COVID-19, but we’ll have to see next week if more stars are missing from Dynamite.

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