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If you’re looking for the perfect items to keep your small pet happy, look no further than rat toy, rat hammocks, pet rat toys and accessories, rat bed hammock for cage, hamster toys, hamster hammock, hamster bedding, guinea pig bed, and hanging warm glider small animals bed. These items provide your pet with a comfortable and cozy place to rest, as well as providing them with plenty of fun and entertainment. The hammocks and toys provide your pet with a place to relax and explore, while the bedding and warm glider bed provide a comfortable and secure place to sleep. With all these items, your pet will be sure to have a happy and healthy life.

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Product Description:

Tunnel Tube Rat Toy designed for larger pets such as ferrets and rats. even fat pets. This is well suited as a toy for ferrets and will also fit 2+ adult rats at a time.

Size: 50*15CM


1 x Pet House

🐹【Rat Bedding Size】Length x Width: 19.7x 5.9 inch (50 x 15 cm), fits for squirrels, sugar glider and hamsters and etc.(Please check the size before you bought for your pet).
🐹【Charming and Comfy】Tunnel shape nest for the pet shuttling. Not only for playing, but also can be as a hideout to sleep. It will turn your pet’s cage into a cozy home and let your pet have enough sense of security.Semi-enclosed design to meet the nature of pets.
🐹【Simple to Use and Clean】 Easy and quickly attaches to cage interiors with included 3 metal hooks. You can hang it on the cage at random, even on the ground, for him to play. Machine washable.
🐹【Suitable Animals】Great for hamster, Syrian hamster, gerbil, sugar glider, rat, chinchilla, degu, young guinea pig, drawl hedgehog, red squirrel, ferret, small lizards, bunnies, mice, chipmunk, macaw, cockatiels, birds, etc.Super comfy resting spot provide your pet to climb and do more exercise, which is good for health.Loved by small animals.



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