QR Code Leads to New White Rabbit Clues During WWE SmackDown

QR Code Leads to New White Rabbit Clues During WWE


The latest bread crumbs that WWE dropped are what fans saw on last Monday’s episode of “Raw.” A QR code led to a video featuring the game of the mysterious White Rabbit and the Hangman, with the clue “Who Killed the World?” Answer? “Did you.”

Okay, so far to finish the White Rabbit mystery. Over the past week, fans at WWE Live events played the song “White Rabbit” from Jefferson Airplane over the speaker, which had a red light. It also happened during the commercial breaks during “Raw” and “SmackDown”. including Friday night’s episode,

Many fans are assuming that this is all leading to Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE. Many believe that Wyatt will be revealed as the man behind the White Rabbit. Wyatt has played his part by teasing the fans on social media. If we look at Wyatt’s career during his Florida Championship Wrestling days, he actually killed his father in a promo. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Monday brings for us.

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