PYPABL Submersible Fish Tank Heater, 25W 50W 100W Small Aquarium Heater for Fish and Turtle Tank 3-100L with External Temperature Controller


The PYPABL Submersible Fish Tank Heater is an exceptional choice for a small aquarium heater for fish and turtle tanks that range from 3 to 100 liters in capacity. It comes in three different wattage options of 25W, 50W, and 100W, which are ideal for different tank sizes. One of the best features of this heater is its external temperature controller, which allows you to easily adjust the temperature and monitor it. This feature ensures that the heater provides accurate and stable water temperature throughout your aquarium’s water column. The heater is submersible, meaning that it is fully waterproof and can be buried in the substrate, making it suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquatic environments. Overall, the PYPABL Submersible Fish Tank Heater is an excellent, reliable, and safe choice for aquarium enthusiasts who want to provide their aquatic pets with the optimal temperature conditions for their health and wellbeing.

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PYPABL has many years of experience in aquarium production and sales in the offline market. In 2019, we began to enter the Amazon online sales, specialized in aquarium field.

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We focus on independent research and development of aquarium products, dig deep into the needs of the aquarium market, and independently design, produce and sell aquarium products. We not only pay attention to the uniqueness of products, but also pay more attention to excellent product quality.

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🐟Easy to operate: This fish tank heater is easy to use, 1.85m long cable wire and the external electonic controller can easily set and adjust the temperature, and the temperature adjustment range is 20-34℃.
🐟Easy to read temperature: The controller of this heater has Digital LED temperature display, which can display the real-time water temp and set temp, so that you can know the temperature changes in the fish tank easily. There is also a clear heating indicator on it.
🐟Fish-friendly: This aquarium heater is made of thickened quartz glass, and has good sealing performance to prevent water from entering, making it a more fish-friendly heater.
🐟Package: Comes with two suction cups, a bottom cover, and a sticker-thermometer. Please check the product carefully before using it, we provide a 12-month warranty for this product.



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