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During his wrestling career, Jeff Hardy has done a lot. They have won numerous world championships, participated in some of the most memorable rivalries of all time, and played countless classic matches that will never be forgotten. At the same time, Hardy had to deal with his fair share of personal problems, particularly drug and alcohol addictions—the latter of which continues to haunt her today, For the most part, he didn’t bring such issues in the ring, but when he did, he put himself at the center of one of the most infamous moments in TNA history.

In Victory Road 2011, Jeff Hardy was set to face “The Icon” Sting in the hopes of regaining his lost TNA World Heavyweight Championship. From the moment he stepped into the arena, however, something was clearly wrong. As it turns out, Hardy was under the influence of muscle relaxants (as he explained “The Art of Wrestling” Podcast), add a disqualification condition to the match, prompting Eric Bischoff to come out, and inform both men of the move. Within two minutes, Sting had a pinfall on Hardy and walked back down the ramp as fans shouted his disapproval. Frustrated, Sting vociferously agreed with his anger.

Wrestling fans continue to talk about Jeff Hardy vs Sting on Victory Road 2011 even after all these years, and it’s easy to see why. One moment it seemed that this should not have happened, and yet it did. Fortunately for all parties involved, it turned out to be as good as it could have given the circumstances, but it remains a black mark on Hardy’s legacy and Impact Wrestling’s image.

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