Poor People’s Campaign to Organize Low-Income Voters Ahead of Georgia’s Runoff Round


Economic justice advocates in Georgia are mobilizing ahead of the state’s U.S. Senate election next month to persuade low-income residents with access to health care and housing to impeach Democratic Senator Rev. support Raphael Warnock. There is a shortage of wages.

The Georgia Poor People’s Campaign announced late Wednesday that it is launching a nationwide recruiting, text banking and social media campaign to reach millions of low-income Georgia voters. We should definitely vote now.

“It’s not over yet, and every vote cast must count,” the group said.

On Sunday, November 27, Poor People’s Campaign co-chair Rev. William Barber II will launch the campaign at a worship service at St. Mary’s Road United Methodist Church in Columbus, Georgia, followed by a rally at Cascade United Methodist on Monday. Church in Atlanta.

The campaign kicks off more than a week before voters in Georgia will vote on Dec. 6 between Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker, a former pro football player who has fueled conspiracy theories. spread and lied about its consequences. elections in 2020 and supports a nationwide ban on abortion – despite the fact that at least two women have reportedly been pressured to have abortions in the past.

Individuals affected by “low wages, voter suppression and denied health care” would join Barber in a “call to action” at the rally, appealing to people across the state who would be particularly harmed by proposals from the Republican Party, such as the plan to cut social security legislation. Security and Medicare.

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Georgia has the fourth highest number of uninsured, with more than 1.2 million residents without health insurance. Nearly two million people – 47% of the workforce – earn less than $15 an hour. A Georgia resident would have to work an average of 93 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom apartment if he worked at the federal minimum wage.

consumer lawyer Ralph Nader wrote Wednesday ordinary dreams Warnock must reach out to the impoverished citizens of his state to keep his Senate seat.

Nader wrote, “Warnock has spent $20 million on TV ads, claiming that Walker has neither the ability nor the character to be a U.S. Senator.” “Achieving saturation, spending more on what people have heard and seen, generates diminishing returns and increases voter burnout. “What else is new?” Many people have to think.

Instead, he wrote, Democrats in the state should educate voters about second-round economic interests:

1. To Georgia’s hundreds of thousands of low-income workers: “Vote for the $15 federal minimum wage, it’s been a long time coming and you’ve earned it.”

2. For many low-income workers: “Vote to remove Medicaid from available federal funds blocked by Republican politicians.”

3. Vote to keep and expand Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Washington Republicans, led by Walker Backer, former corporate criminal Senator Rick Scott, who want to scrap this and other much-needed public protection laws have long been on the agenda.

At Georgia Poor People’s Campaign events next week, “speakers will emphasize to all Georgians — especially poor and low-income voters — that their vote will make a difference.”

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The runoff followed the November 8 midterm elections in which neither Warnock nor Walker won more than 50% of the vote.

Earlier this week, the Rashtriya Garib Jan Abhiyan did too launched A text message push aimed at voters in Georgia.

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