PetIsay Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector – 18″ L 12″ W, 6 Sheets – Self-Adhesive Cat Claw Guards for Sofa – Stop Cat Scratching Carpet – Couch Corner Protectors from Cats Scratching

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If you’re a cat owner who’s tired of seeing your furniture, carpet, and couch being ruined by your pet’s frequent scratching, then the PetIsay Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector is the perfect solution for you. Each pack comes with six sheets of self-adhesive claw guards that are easy to apply and remove. These protectors are specially designed to stop your cat from scratching your furniture and carpet while also protecting your couch corners from their claws. With a size of 18″ L and 12″ W, these protectors are large enough to cover a good amount of space, making it difficult for your pet to scratch or cause any damage to your home decor. Say goodbye to your pet’s destructive behavior and enjoy more quality time with your furry friend using the PetIsay Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector.

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3.23.2 Do I have to use the twist pins? Will the twist pins leave a mark on my couch?

We recommend the use of the pins, they are very effective in supporting the protectors so they won’t fall off and will stay flat around the corners of the couch. On fabric, the mark is near invisible. The twist pins were designed not to damage the furniture. Some customers only secure the top corners with pins since the sheets are self-adhesive.

Does your cat love scratching the couch?

If you can’t seem to stop your pet from doing that, get these cat furniture protectors and install them in the areas that your cats love clawing the most.

The cat claw cover will protect and guard the upholstery of your sofa from your pet’s claws and keep it intact. So next time you see your cat scratching the couch, there’s no need to worry!

What’s Included?

Furniture Protectors(18″ X 12″) × 6Upholstery Twist Pins × 30
Industrial grade thick crystal clear vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive backing Protects upholstery, doors, carpet, screens and wood work from cat claw damage

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Material: leather

Twist pins are not recommended

Material: fabric

Recommended use of twist pins

Upholstery Twist Pins × 30

【DURABLE&FLEXIBLE】 – The cat scratch guards are thick enough to stop cat claws from shredding your couch. Self adhesive protector pads are shatterproof, flexible crystal-clear, latex-free, non-toxic plastic
【WHERE TO APPLY】 – Adhesive backing sticks to most common surfaces. fabric, leather, carpet, wood & glass
【HOW TO INSTALL】 – No tools required! Peel off the self-adhesive pad ➤ Aim a place ➤ Stick the pad where you want to protect ➤ Strengthen it with provided screw pins(optional)
【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 – You no longer need to use dangerous sprays or tapes to stop your cat. If for ANY reasons you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button NOW and get this amazing new product!



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