Pet-Fun® Dumbbell – Safe Fun Durable Natural Rubber Dog Toy, Tough & Flexi Teething/Dental Cleaning Chew Toy, Long Lasting Treat Dispenser for Medium/Large Dogs (Blue-Round 18cm)



The Pet-Fun® Dumbbell is the perfect toy for your medium or large pup! It is made of a safe, natural rubber that is both durable and flexible, making it ideal for teething and dental cleaning. It is a long lasting treat dispenser that your pup will love to chew on for hours. Plus, the bright blue color is sure to catch your pup’s attention! With the Pet-Fun® Dumbbell, your pup will have hours of safe, fun playtime!

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Product Description

Pet-Fun Dog Chew Toy Dumbbell for BoredomPet-Fun Dog Chew Toy Dumbbell for Boredom

This anti-war dumbbell dog toy was designed as part of our ‘world peace’ serials in remembrance of WWI and WWII. This outstanding, flexible and durable dog toy is made particularly for medium/large chewers, putting your dogs’ instinctual needs to play and chew at its heart, with Safety, Fun & Durability in mind. It is of Pineapple Flavor. A remarkable toy for your beloved dog.

FUN: This round dumbbell is made of super flexible & bouncy natural rubber. It rolls, bends, twists and bounces easily & erratically when being played, chased and chewed. It works as a treat dispenser with a good capacity for a medium/large chewer. It dispenses kibbles only at both ends, which works as a mental challenge to your intelligent and beloved dog.

SAFE: It is made of non-toxic food-grade natural rubber and tested against FDA standards to meet the highest safety measure. If ingested, they are less likely to cause any harm comparing to their other counterparts. It is also made to have the right level of softness with granular texture surface to care the gum and teeth of your beloved dogs when they chew on it aggressively, and to help clean their teeth & improve dental hygiene.

DURABLE: While no dog toy is truly indestructible, you can be assured our material offers the top durability of natural rubber in the market because of our leading proprietary technology. In addition to excessive pulling and tearing tests completed in lab, this large dumbbell has also been widely tested and proven durable for 92% of power chewers. In addition, we recommend that the 8% extremely focused and determined aggressive chewers can be guided to play and enjoy the toy with treats filled.

NOTE: While classified as virtually indestructible, being of natural rubber offers great safety attributes, it has its strength limit, and fatigue occurs when being chewed constantly. We suggest extremely powerful chewers should always play it with kibbles filled or peanut butter spread on, with absence time to allow material strength recover from fatigue, and should not be left with the toy unattended for long time. That should extend the toy lifetime for those focused and determined most powerful chewers.

Supervision is recommended when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing.

Toy Dimensions
16 x 9 x 8 cm 18 x 9 x 9 cm 10.3 x 5.2 x 5.2 cm 11 x 8 x 7 cm 18.3 x 8 x 8 cm 19 x 8.9 x 6.6 cm

Suitable Dog Size
Large & Medium above 10Kg Large & Medium above 10Kg Small & Puppies up to 10Kg Medium & Small up to 25Kg Large & Medium 10-40Kg Large & Medium above 10Kg

Recommended Chewing Level
Power Chewers & Average Chewers Power Chewers & Average Chewers Power Chewers & Average Chewers Power Chewers & Average Chewers Power & Average Chewers Power & Average Chewers

Pet-Fun Dog Chew Toy Large Round Anti-War DumbbellPet-Fun Dog Chew Toy Large Round Anti-War Dumbbell

Some Tips for Playing Pet-Fun Dog Chew Toys

Fill bits of your dog’s favourite treats, cover the dispensing hole with a finger and shake the toy excitedly to show it to your dog. This will encourage them to play with the toy.When fetching the toy, each time your dog retrieves it, praise your dog using the same phrase like ‘Good dog!’.Set up regular play time and use it as a reward for your dog’s good behaviours.If your dog loves frozen chew, or you want the playtime extended, you can freeze it with peanut butter spread on the surface, yum yum …

Soon it will become your dog’s favourite toy! And more importantly your dog will be away from your shoes and furniture, be healthier and grow in good behaviours.

Notes for the 8% focused and determined most aggressive chewers: Please always use the toy with treats/kibbles filled or play interactively with dog parents. The most powerful and aggressive chewers can break it if left unattended. Please take the toy away after play to allow material strength recover from fatigue.

♥ Fetch, Chase, Play, Chew & Feed: This flexible round dumbbell dog toy can work as a fetch/chase toy, a chew toy, a snack/treat dispenser, a slow feeder, an interactive play toy, great for exercise and training, satisfying dogs’ instinctual needs for chewing & play and providing mental stimulation; helps solve boredom, destructive chewing, teething, cleaning teeth and more.
♥ Safe & Easy to clean: Made from food-grade natural rubber and tested against FDA standard to meet the highest safety measure, and with anti-bacteria agent built-in to resist the growth of bacteria, this uniquely designed toy gives you peace of mind for your beloved dog. It can be easily washed by rinse or dishwasher.
♥ Dental Care: This toy is designed with the perfect level of softness and unique 3D granular texture to help clean teeth and improve your dog’s dental hygiene during daily use, without hurting their teeth and gums when they chew aggressively. It can also help control plaque & tartar and soothes discomforts from teething.
♥ Durable & Soft: Great durability comes from unique super-flexible material and proprietary technology. Sustained a pull and tear tension of 360lb in lab & classified as virtually indestructible. Stood up for 92% Medium/Large power chewers including Labrador, Golden Retrievers, Husky, German Shepherds.



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