Paul Heyman reveals the true role of Sami Zayn in Bloodline

Paul Heyman Explains Sami Zayn’s True Role Within The Bloodline



Paul Heyman discusses WWE SmackDown star Sami Zayn’s real role in Roman Reigns’ Bloodline faction.

Sami Zayn is the only member of the Bloodline stable that is not part of the Anoi family dynasty.

, on the most recent version of WWE After the BellPaul Heyman described Zayn as a ‘catalyst’ for the character development of others in the group.

Explaining why Sami Zayn pairs so well with Bloodline, the onscreen Special Council noted:

Sami Zayn in The Bloodline We did before Sami Zayn.

“We have defined Jimmy Uso – the insult Roman Reigns put on Jay Uso when Jay was the first challenger for the title.

“Roman Reigns insulted him by saying, ‘You walk through airports and fans come up to you and say who are you? Which twin are you? Which are you?’ Nobody says anymore.

“Everybody knows who J is. Everyone knows who Jimmy is. We’ve now established the difference between The Usos and they set it up themselves and they set it all up since Sami Zayn came into the mix.

“Sami Zayn comes into the mix at the same time Solo (Sequoia) comes into the mix and now we definitely have situations where you get to see the personality emerge from Solo. You saw a completely different side of The Tribal Chief Is.

“The Tribal chief wasn’t laughing in front of Sami Zayn. Laughed at a couple guys. John laughed at Cena, laughed at Kevin Owens, laughed at Drew McIntyre, laughed at Edge and Daniel Bryan piled him up at WrestleMania.

“But he wasn’t laughing in the middle of the promo segment. Sami Zayn brings out a completely different wrinkle from The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and my reaction to Sami Zayn and how I am with this new influence on The Tribal Chief. Let’s face it, when I’ve listened to The Tribal Chief for a full two years with very brief exception. When the tension was caused by Brock Lesnar, a different version of Heyman also comes out.

“So, one catalyst has completely changed the dynamics within The Bloodline, the presentation of The Bloodline and the interpersonal relationships within The Bloodline and that has been the rise of a star named Sami Zayn.

“It’s a perfect storm for us and in different situations to introduce new characters or even different characters who have never interacted, interacted and put them together And assess that chemistry and offer compelling, compelling landscapes that we haven’t before, that reveal the different layers of the dimensional personalities we try to bring to the fore.

“It’s catchy television, it’s great programming, it’s booking well. It leads to different scenarios in the ring that you wouldn’t have imagined a few days ago, a few weeks, a few months ago.

“That’s what I see… A mix of talent with new talent they’ve never mixed before.”

Sami Zayn’s popularity as part of Bloodline has led to WWE making plans for Zayn’s next story ‘On Pause’, which you can read more about here.

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