One of Hideo Kojima’s Upcoming Games Will Be “Like A New Medium”

One of Hideo Kojima's Upcoming Games Will Be "Like A New Medium"


Hideo Kojima is a well-known figure in the game industry, known for his significant contributions and for playing a role in developing influential titles such as the Metal Gear series.

Kojima published a game called Death Stranding after Kojima Productions became an independent studio. However, there seem to be many more games planned for the future.

There are many rumors about Hideo Kojima’s future projects that are currently in the works. The game designer has been confirmed to be working on Death Stranding 2 and another title covered in mystery. However, Kojima has teased more hints about the other project in question as he spoke briefly about it in an interview.

Big takeaway:

  • Hideo Kojima appeared in an interview and while discussing his future projects, Kojima quoted it as “almost like a new medium.
  • According to Kojima, the success of this particular title will reportedly change things for the game and film industry.
  • The challenge in developing this game is building the infrastructure.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, Hideo Kojima articulated one of his future projects and his wild ambitions. He briefly discussed the enticing project and showed great enthusiasm for it, citing details that together fuel the hype just as much.

Hideo Kojima said of one of his games, “It’s… almost like a new medium.The statement makes the project seem rather unorthodox for everything we’ve played. According to Kojima, this great project will bring about a substantial shift in the game industry and reportedly impact the film industry.

Hideo continues, “If successful, it will change things – not only in the game industry, but also in the movie industry.” While discussing his ambitions, Hideo Kojima also addressed the challenge during the development process of the untitled game, which is reportedly building the infrastructure.

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Kojima explains the challenge, “you can have successful experiments, but there is a long distance between an experiment and a place where it becomes part of everyday use.It is impossible to pinpoint the exact project mentioned in the interview as Kojima has kept the details vague.

However, we can guess that Kojima may be referring to the previously leaked game called Overdose, which the insider, Henderson, has clarified in the past. It’s apparently in development alongside the highly anticipated Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding 2 has reportedly seen changes in development, such as the possible shift of the game engine from Decima to Unreal or Unity. Death Stranding 2 is also shrouded in mystery and no specifics have been revealed so far.

Hideo Kojima is known to actively participate in the gaming industry rather than staying in the shadows like some other important figures. Kojima has also expressed a feeling that video games attract lonely people and help them immerse themselves in imaginary worlds.

What do you think of Hideo Kojima’s wild but ambitious comments about one of the titles in development? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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