OMEM Stainless Steel Feeder,Bird Cage Feeder(2 Pack),Hamster Food Feeding,Bird Outdoor Feeding Trough,Storage Feed Supplies

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The OMEM Stainless Steel Feeder is the ideal feeding solution for your pets. These Bird Cage Feeders come in a pack of two and are perfect for Hamster Food Feeding as well as Outdoor Bird Feeding. Their sturdy design ensures durability and the use of stainless steel guarantees longevity. The Feeders can also double as a Storage Feed Supplies unit due to its ample size, ensuring that your pets always have food within reach. The innovative trough design allows for easy feeding and reduces the chances of food spills. Invest in the OMEM Stainless Steel Feeder and provide your pets with quality food, keeping them healthy and happy.

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The Feeder helps the bird Anti-sprinkle food and Prevents the Bird from Jumping into the Box.
This Feeder can be hung in a Cage Or clip it on a Bamboo Pole, It can also be hung on outdoor railings or other Places to feed.
Saving and Keep Cages Clean: This unique Feeder helps Save any Waste because you will be able to save Money on seed that didn’t end up soiled on the Floor or Outside the Cage.
Suitable for Pigeons,Peacocks,Parrots,Sparrows,all kinds of Birds,Hamster,Small animal.



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