Okada expects Japanese fans to gradually adopt distinctive American specialty


Kazuchika Okada, who regularly performs in front of Japanese crowds for NJPW, reflected on performing in front of an American audience, despite coming off less competition in her four-way match for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at the Forbidden Door , and expressed what he ‘would like to see in the future.

NJPW commentator Chris Charlton translated for Okada, saying, “Obviously very, very happy to perform in front of a hot crowd.” Post-Show Media Scrums, “It’s a pleasant feeling rather than a surprise. In fact, America is setting a model for how we would like to perform in front of our crowd in Japan too. Obviously, Japan will do it in its own way, and it’s a ‘ There’s a ‘soft, soft’ approach, and we’ll get there, but hopefully people will see it here tonight and take those small steps and a small step forward. The way we want to wrestle up front.”

Japan is widely known for having a more respectful and quieter listeners, as opposed to an enthusiastic crowd typically seen in North America and Europe. Japanese fans pay great attention to the matches played in front of them, and traditionally display great respect for the performers competing inside the ring.

In recent days, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans in Japan were completely silenced when the Japanese government took measures at events that saw limited capacity and social distancing. Attendees were required to wear masks, but were also not allowed to make any noise other than clapping or stamping a foot. Earlier this month, Japan takes steps to resume “normality” As part of a trial run, chanting was permitted at a Tokyo Verdi soccer game. Participants were still required to wear a disposable, non-woven fabric mask and practice social distancing, but they also faced a direction of action while being vocal. When it comes to easing COVID measures, Japan is still moving very slowly compared to other countries The country is generally closed for tourism, except for a handful of tour groups.,

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