NXT star Nathan Fraser announces he is injured



According to his Twitter account, one of NXT 2.0’s hottest talents has unfortunately been sidelined due to a minor injury.

Nathan Fraser, who has been in a bit of a tear in recent weeks, tweeted: “Batting a little injury right now, before you know it, I’ll be back”.

Fraser is considered a huge star of professional wrestling, and certainly one of the best pro wrestlers in NXT 2.0. He spent several months in NXT UK when he originally signed with WWE in December 2020, but after several impressive performances against the likes of Walter and Ilja Dragunov, he was called upon to move to NXT 2.0.

Fraser, who moved to Ben Carter before signing for WWE, was nearly signed by AEW in September 2020 after an impressive match with Scorpio Sky on AEW Late Night Dynamite, but chose WWE.

As he said, the injury is “small”, so hopefully it won’t keep him out of the ring for too long. If you want to track all the WWE stars currently battling injuries, you can use our tracker here.

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