NXT Fans Are Discussing Quincy Elliot’s Debut


After weeks of vignettes, super diva Quincy Elliot has officially arrived on NXT 2.0, and she is already a favorite of NXT viewers.

Quincy captured the hearts of fans during his appearance on NXT Level Up, where his presence and charisma made him most characteristic of the nights he was featured.

The super diva made her debut at the main NXT show tonight, riding her scooter to the Performance Center, before entering a revolving chair with electronic sunglasses.

Quincy made quick work of Sean Gallagher on the show, but he’s already one of the most popular stars in the Performance Center crowd.

As an NXT 2.0 stan who really looks to level up, we Quincy Stans are eating well tonight. Long live the super diva.

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