NWA Power Results: Tyrus vs. Mims TV Title Match


NWA Power begins with the contestants in the ring, ready to get in on the action.

Pope & Kratos beat Question Mark & ​​Casey Roxx (w/ Aaron Stevens)

If we don’t get to play the Kratos main event in the NWA, what are we doing here? The guy is fantastic and would make a great heel or gunning babyface for the title.

I know the NWA is calling Rodney Mack Question Mark now, but this is a real opportunity to not call him Question Mack. Pope hits the Manhattan Drop on Roxx while the camera is focusing on Stevens reading Tyrus’ book. Whatever the Pope did to attack Roxx, there were some great reactions from the audience.

Pope hits a stalled vertical suplex on Roxx, forcing Stevens to climb onto the apron. The question mark attacked Pope from behind while he was distracted and pulled over to tag his partner. Joe Galley and Velvet Sky agreed with me, apparently, they liked the name Question Mac more. Mack hits a big spinebuster on Pope, who tagged Kratos after performing an euthanasia bout.

Kratos hit Roux with a powerslam and a running forearm into the corner on Mack and tossed him around as if he weighed nothing. Kratos hits a slingshot wheel on Roxx for the pinfall.

After the match ended, Stevens and Mack attacked and knocked out Pope and Kratos, but a new question mark entered the ring and Mack was ejected before hoisting the Mongovian flag.

– Bully Ray walking around the edge of the ring as fans chanted NWA slogans. He was about to talk to Kyle Davis when Matt Cardona interrupted. Cardona said no one wanted him in the NWA. Cardona said he should find a partner of his choice to face VSK and Mike Knox. Bully Ray said that Cardona should not forget that he put Knox through a table and his challenge was on.

– Thom Latimer was talking to May Valentine about EC3, and how he was going to beat him and move on to the NWA title. Latimer also said that he related to Bully Ray feeling humiliated by Cardona, and was glad Bully Ray was around because he coached Camille.

– Kyle Davis was in the NWA Control Center running down all the information for NWA Hard Times III, including Cardona vs NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch, Taya Valkyrie vs Camille II, and the number one crown in the tournament. 1 national title contender. It was a million times better than any promotion he had in NWA 74. It was great stuff, keeping us up to date on key stories and matches.

Sion (w/ Austin Idol) defeated Joe Alonzo

It was a good match with Alonzo impressing again. I hope the NWA sees what I see in him because he has played some great matches lately.

Alonzo wasted no time immediately going for several pinfalls, leaving Zion until he was able to hit a hard forearm and back suplex to regain control. Sion worked on Alonzo for a few minutes, which included hitting some hard 12-to-6 elbows before locking in on the chinlock. Alonzo ducked under a corner kick and pulled Zion into the ring post before striking his opponent’s knee.

Zion went for the Death Valley driver, but Alonzo couldn’t get it because of his knee. Alonzo then hits a springboard cutter for a two count and Sion rolls to the floor. Alonzo hit a Tope Sucida, but as he came back into the ring, Zion was able to catch him and quickly hit the Death Valley Driver for the pinfall. Even after the match, Sion continued to sell his knee.

– Ronaldo Freeman interrupted May Valentine and said people should talk about him because he beat Cardona. Well, that promo took away any babyface sympathy I had for her because it was basically goofy. Valentine was later accompanied by Ricky Steamboat and was interrupted by Freeman, asking the legend for a match against Trevor Murdoch. While they were talking, the agents pulled over Freeman.

Max the Impaler, Angelina Love and Natalia Markova defeated NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenji Paige) and Roxy in the first leg of a Queen Bee match.

Queen Bee Rule: This begins with a trio match where the winning team then faces each other in a three-way elimination match.

Luv started the match with jealousy. Jealousy hits a good Northern Lights suplex on Love for a two count before tagging Roxy in. It was a bad plan as Luv hit a dropkick. Markova and Paige get into the ring and Peggy hits a good Senton. Roxy continued to be forced into the match by jealousy, and each time she got there, it ended badly until she fired a kick on Markova.

When Max enters the ring, Roxy tries to tag out, jealous and Paige leaves the apron. Max dropped Roxy on his head with a broken power bomb, which made me scream. This is horrifying and further proof that Max is quite reckless in the ring. Max pinned Roxy and compared to the start of the second leg of the match.

Natalia Markova (w/ Taryn Terrell) defeated Angelina Love and then went on to a double no contest with Max the Impaler.

Max hit a double back suplex on Markova and Love and Welcome to the Wasteland on Love. Markova came up with a running knee on Max before Love pinned him to the finish. Max knocks Markova out of every attempt. Max and Markova broke into an all out brawl in the ring and the referee was unable to regain control, so he called the match out. What a terrible ending. Imagine Roxy almost vying for that finish.

Max stole the crown of Markova’s queen bee and smashed it. Markova and Terrell were shocked.

– Question Mark II May was with Valentine and claimed to be the brother of the original Question Mark. Homicide then successfully defended his NWA Junior Heavyweight title with highlights from NWA USA.

– Murdoch claimed that he was bringing back the brutal invasion. He said he was going to do what was right for the NWA, and what Cardona was doing was not right so he recently helped him defeat Rolando Freeman.

NWA TV Champion Tyrus (w/ BLK Jeez) defeated The Mims and retained

Mims hit a few headbutts to rock Tyrus and then slammed him again, but Tyrus stood up, clubbed Mims, and hit a capture suplex. Tyrus then hit a corner splash that flattened Mims, followed by a heart punch and a pin. it sucked. The less said about Tyrus, the better. He immediately left the ring and left the TV title with BLK Jeez.

final thoughts:

The addition of the NWA Control Center and Kyle Davis running the upcoming stories and matches for the next PPV is a massive revamp. While I was working hard on the main event, a good part of this episode felt like there was a direction going which is refreshing.

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