NWA Power Results: Bully Ray & Thom Latimer vs. Cardona Family


This week’s NWA Power continues the Bully Ray/Mike Knox feud with the addition of Duck Draper’s promotional debut.

Draper made his debut to open things up with the winner advancing to the NWA national title numbers. 1 Competitive tournament.

Dak Draper defeated Brian Myers in the semifinals of the NWA National Title Eliminator Tournament

Draper overtook Myers in the first few minutes, using a combination of amateur wrestling and pro wrestling, ending the sequence with a powerslam to nearly collapse. Myers was finally able to commit some offense after a neck snap on the ropes. He quickly slipped under the ropes as Draper hit them, tripping him in the process. Draper hit a back suplex, skinned the cat on the apron, and hit a slingshot on the ropes into a cradle, so that it collapses.

Myers hit an Injiguri, a superkick, and an implanted DDT to nearly fall. Myers rolls O’Connor and grabs the ropes but the referee watches. Draper then rolled an O’Connor of his own for the pinfall.

It was a solid match, with Draper reaching the finals. It was a good opportunity to introduce a new face and they took it here.

– Bully Ray was with Joe Galli earlier in the day, addressing what VSK and Mike Knox said about Bully Ray tonight, no friends and no one is his partner. Ray said that the first man he asked said no, and that even if he could not find a partner, he would still fight a handicap match.

– May was with Valentin Knox and Matt Cardona who seemed overjoyed that Bully Ray had no partner. Knox claimed that he did not lose his most recent table match with Bully Ray because he had beaten him.

– Kyle Davis was in the NWA Control Center, making World Champion Trevor Murdoch vs Matt Cardona official for the NWA Hard Times III. Fisker will also take on The Spectraculars. This, again, was such an easy way to update us on what’s going on. Davis also hinted that an NWA champion was soon to defend his title at the international level.

Chris Adonis defeated “Magic” Jake Dumas (w/ CJ) An NWA National Title Eliminator Tournament semifinal

Adonis and Dumas did a test of strength which did not bode well for Dumas. Grandma would call it a power knock hold and it really was. Adonis hits a back elbow and suplex. Dumas rolls Adonis’ eyes to the top rope and hits a clothesline for almost falling. Dumas hits a Russian leg sweep for a nearly fall and follows with a choke.

Dumas called for a master lock of his own, but Adonis pulled it out and hit some elbows. Adonis hits a flying shoulder tackle and a big spinebuster. Dumas got the boot on a corner charge. Then for some reason he pulled out a playing card from his shirt while on the ropes. Adonis locked the master lock, forcing a tapout when Dumas tried to scratch his eyes with the card. He proceeds to take on Draper in the final.

– Marsh Rocket and Jordan Clearwater talk about challenging The Fixers for the US Tag Titles, and the BLK Jeezes talk about Tyrus still wanting the NWA World Championship.

The Marshe Rockets (w/ BLK Jeez) beat Eric Jackson & Joe Ocasio three ways

As short as it was, I was impressed with all three men and would love to see them all get more chances to wrestle at Power, even if the Rockets are relatively established.

Jackson initially hit an impressive crossbody on Ocasio, but was cut off by the Rockets in a suicide dive. Jackson and Ocasio hit a double suplex on the Rocket, and Jackson hit the Slingblade. Ocasio countered a corner charge and hit a fireman’s carry to nearly fall into a gutbuster. The Rockets hit a huge dropkick on Ocasio, and the Rockets hit a Rocket kick on Jackson for the win.

– A highlight video from NWA USA aired with Thrillbilly Silas defeating Anthony Mayweather.

Bully Ray & Thom Latimer beat The Cardona Family (VSK & Mike Knox) ​​(w/ Matt Cardona)

Bully Ray had no partner and started the match against VSK. To the delight of the crowd, Ray bit him several times. Ray Gorilla presses VSK to the top rope, but Knox converts to a crossbody. Cardona attacked Rey behind the referee. For the next few minutes Ray started playing the numbers game.

Rey elbows the back at VSK, forcing them to tag out Knox. Knox hits a big boot on Ray and the heat continues. Out of nowhere, Thom Latimer made it to the apron and tagged in. Latimer ran wild on both men, ending with a giant pop-up powerbomb on VSK for the pin. Latimer and Ray join hands and celebrate to close the show.

final thoughts

Most of the matches this week were quite short and the entire episode, including commercials, took about 40 minutes. Nothing exciting, but the modest progress in the stories and progress of the national title-contender tournament meant it had an impact on the creation of Hard Times III. I can’t say it was exciting, but it was solid.

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