NJPW Strong Result: Taiji Ishimori vs Allan Angels

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Tonight in Hollywood, Calif., saw the next set of NJPW Strong’s Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2022 taping, with IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori defending his title against Allan Angels in the main event.

QT Marshall (w/ Aaron Solo) beat Keita

Marshall booed a lot before and during the match. It was around the time of the five-minute call when Marshall flashed the Diamond Dallas Page Diamond gesture, cut through the audience, then steered Keita away from the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Marshall came on the mic and talked about how Shota Umino ruined her moment recently at NJPW Strong in Charlotte, North Carolina. Knowing that Umino was not ready for the show, Marshall challenges Umino to a one-on-one match. Suddenly, a backstage vignette of Umino aired where he answered Marshall’s challenge. He showed his Death Rider jacket that Jon Moxley had given him, then addressed Marshall before saying “See you in Las Vegas”. Marshall began screaming for the match to be unbooked as he made out with Aaron Solo.

TMDK (Shane Haste & Bad Dude Tito) beat Christopher Daniels & Yuya Uemura

This match was great.

Sporadic “TITO!” There were calls from the audience before things started. On commentary, Ian Ricboni explained that Hasty’s usual tag partner at TMDK, Mickey Nichols, was absent due to the birth of his child, which is why Tito was in his place. Congratulations to Mickey Nichols.

Uemura beat TMDK until he was able to stop Haste from coming off the top rope, and carried him into the ring with a big double-overhook suplex. He then tagged Daniels, who cleaned the house. He pulled out Tito with a big diving lariat off the second rope before making haste with a Death Valley bomb for two.

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There came a time when Daniels hurriedly hoisted over his shoulders in an electric chair so that Umura could top the flying bulldog, Steiner Brothers style, just like he’s used to over the summer. However, Bad Dude Tito was able to smash Uemura over the top, causing him to collide with Daniels and sabotage the opportunity. Daniel starts yelling at Uemura, but hastily strikes Daniel and attacks Daniel while Daniel turns his back. Tito pulled Uemura out of the ring, and Heist shooed Daniels away after a fireman’s carry-to-urnage slam for the win.

Later, Daniel apologizes to Uemura. The two hugged, and Daniels raised Uemura’s hand. , , Just before giving Umura a low blow. Daniel kicks Umura in the groin, immediately knocking him down. The crowd created a ruckus. A screaming Daniels gave Uemura two double-jump moonsaults before telling the crowd and going backstage.

This was followed by a short promo interview of TJP. He addressed NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Fred Rosser and the upcoming match between the two. They talked about how they were champions both in New Japan and in “A Different Company” (WWE). He told a story about the WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Since he was the inaugural champion, TJP claimed that the wrestler would ask him why his name was not shown on the side plate of the belt along with the other champions. TJP said that this happened because the big part of the middle was made for them. He then stated that Rosser would not “share” the ring with TJP, but would “rent” it from him, as he stated that without NJPW Strong there would be no LA dojo, and without LA dojo, NJPW would not exist. , adding that he “built this dojo”. He asked Rosser to remember the big centerpiece on the Strong Openweight Championship before their match, as TJP is the one who “created” that championship.

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Ren Narita defeated Jacob Austin Young

It was solid. Young was discovered by NJPW in one of their dojo tryouts. He has previously worked for OWE in China. she is very talented.

Narita will take the win with a bridging front suplex.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Taiji Ishimori (c) beat Allan Angels

It was good, but it looked like it ended early due to a potential injury at the end of the match.

Angels has good charisma and is only 24 years old. Toward the end, the Angels mooned a triangle from the top rope to the floor, but while going down, he crashed into the shin-first railing. It doesn’t sound that loud on the screen, but inside the venue, it was absolutely jarring; It looked like a car accident. The crowd’s reaction was loud, and unfortunately many fans chanted “You f****d up!” started chanting. From here the mood at the venue changed. Even Ian Riccioni hoped that the Angels would recover after the match.

The Angels and Ishimori crawled back into the ring to the finish. The Angels came off the second rope, but Ishimori caught him with double-knees in the face along the way. He then gave the Angels away with a Bloody Cross, which seemed too bad because the Angels couldn’t raise their feet in the air for it.

final thoughts:

Christopher Daniels and Yuya Uemura vs. TMDK was the best match of this week’s episode, with Narita vs. Austin as a small but solid runner-up.

Next week Strong will face openweight champion Fred Rosser against TJP and others.

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