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The Metaverse is becoming the hottest crypto sector on the horizon and savvy crypto followers know to find the best Metaverse coins. Some crypto enthusiasts may have already heard of the more prominent names like Decenterland or The Sandbox, but what other offerings are there outside of these early movers?

This guide lists the top 9 metaverse coins that could generate substantial returns in 2023.

Metacode aims to disrupt the blockchain gaming industry and become an innovative new web 3 community for gamers and game developers. Right now, the project aims to merge play-to-earn (P2E) gaming with the metaverse and take advantage of the growing number of everyday users.

The Metacade platform brings a unique idea to the P2E gaming industry with the world’s first community-built and managed arcade. Metacademy goes beyond gaming to provide developers and gamers with a central place to collaborate or just have fun.

While many other Metaverse projects focus on just one game or concept, Metarcade positions itself as a multi-game arcade. In addition to games, it also has many other Metaverse features, including prizes, tournaments, prize draws, and NFT collectibles. Metacade could integrate itself into multiple metaverses by hosting its arcades on digital lands in places like The Sandbox and Decenterland after these projects developed further.


MetaCade’s native token (MCADE) will be the core of the project. It can be used for staking, as a payment method and as a governance token for making important decisions within the Metacad platform. This is especially important as MCADE will be used to determine which projects will receive funding through MetaGrants and be added to the platform’s list of games.

With all these things in mind, MCADE token takes the number one spot with the greatest potential for explosive growth in 2023.


2. Decentraland (MANA) – Buy and invest in Web3 Land

The concept of Decentraland is a virtual metaverse space owned by the users. Today, Decentraland’s MANA token is traded on major exchanges and can be used to buy LAND tokens. These tokens are utility tokens for the game, which allow users to access the virtual land. Once the land is purchased, users can build almost anything they want. Virtual land holders have organized games, set up salons and created neighborhoods with other land owners.

The Metaverse is a huge marketing opportunity and can be used for a wide variety of social events. Record labels and artists have already shown interest in holding virtual concerts, and some have already taken place on a smaller scale. At the peak of the crypto market in November 2021, Decentraland saw record sales of $2.4 million. With all this growth and more expected, Decentraland takes the number two spot.

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3. Sandbox (Sand) – a standard bearer of Web3

Sandbox is another project aimed at owning and building a unique web3 space. Like Decentreland, the project has a first mover advantage and initially saw an increase in visitors. The project sees long-term potential for the virtual land and aims to reward visitors. Land ownership and creativity allow players to build anything they want in the sandbox.

The sandbox surpassed Decentraland’s record for December 2021 with $4.5 million in land sales. Although the value of SAND has increased during the recent bear market, it still has great potential. All this makes the platform’s own coin, SAND, something to watch.

4. ApeCoin (APE) – The big winner of the NFT craze

ApeCoin is a community token created in collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Collective. Bored Apes was an NFT phenomenon and the collectible’s total sales are now over $2 billion. Hordes of celebrities and crypto leaders have broken out on the app for their Twitter avatars. With that much momentum, the project is sure to be a huge presence in the metaverse.

Shortly after the launch of ApeCoin, BAYC developers Yuga Labs announced the launch of their metaverse platform, The Otherside. The platform coin APE is required to purchase virtual land in the BAYC Metaverse. APE is governed by the ApeCoin DAO, and holders will help define what’s next, controlled and built by the BAYC community.

5. Colonize Planets in Alien Worlds (TLM) – Web3

Alien Worlds is an NFT metaverse game set in 2055 where you can play to colonize other worlds. With each new planet, players have the chance to earn unique digital items and Trillium (TLM) in the form of NFTs. Trillium Tokens can be staked on different planets to vote in upcoming planetary elections and increase the planet’s reward pool.

Alien Worlds also has a series of NFTs called Land, which represent plots of land on different planets in Alien Worlds. Land ownership is another characteristic, and you can mine it yourself or commission others to do so. Alien Worlds is one of the biggest Metaverse games and ranks high.

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PlayDapp is a platform that hosts blockchain games and allows interoperable NFTs to move across chains and games. The project’s game collection is available on the Galaxy Store, Google Play or in a web browser. The PLA token serves as the primary token for processing user transactions. PlayDapp operators or developers receive PLA for every in-game purchase or trade.

Already targeting the Metaverse, PlayDapp has launched and commercialized its new Metaverse platform ‘PlayDapp Land’ on Roblox. PlayDapp’s team consists of 70 experienced developers and designers from leading groups with 10 to 20 years of experience in the PC online and mobile gaming industry. Recently, the PlayDapp and Mickey NFT collections sold out in just three hours. With such a team and such a history, we set our eyes on PLA.

Radio Kaka is home to the United States of Mars 3D Metaverse, the popular blockchain game Metamon World, the NFT Marketplace, and more. The USM metaverse consists of several regions called “states”, and each state has different characteristics. Within these states, you can go to concerts, galleries, and other live events. Metamon World is a collection of over 500,000 NFTs to hatch, collect, train and battle with other players in an exciting theme to play to earn.

The NFT Marketplace on Radio Caca is where you can find and trade USM and Metamon collectibles. This and other projects use the native currency RACA. There are currently only two game titles, but this may increase in the future.

8. MagicCraft – Fantasy Role Playing Game

MagicCraft is a lesser-known project that rewards investors with its role-playing game. MagicCraft is a multiplayer PvP MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Action) blockchain game built on Binance Smart Chain. Players can join fast paced single player games or multiplayer battles and earn MCRT cryptocurrency.

MCRT Tokens can be used to earn rewards based on the waiting time. The project roadmap has plans for a tournament with MCRT crypto as the prize. The project already has a strong following in the Twitter community with 115,000 followers.

9. Search – enjoy and schedule virtual events

CEEK stands out as our last coin on the best metaverse coins list. Coyne has his own virtual reality headset for sale and wants to connect musicians and sports stars with virtual fans. The project’s partnership agreement with Universal Music Group gives rights to live performances with Katy Perry, U2, Sting and other artists. CEEK wants to be the future of music streaming by including NFT ownership as part of the model.

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CEEK empowers content creators to monetize their work with the patented, award-winning virtual event streaming platform. This opens up a lucrative source of income for artists and content creators who are paid in CEEK tokens. Payments are received faster and seamlessly through blockchain technology. CEEK token holders can participate in celebrity virtual reality concerts, awards shows, tech talks, sporting events, classroom learning, and more.

The Metaverse is the next big thing for the cryptocurrency industry after the massive success of NFTs. Gaming NFTs will account for 20% of all NFT sales in 2021 at $4.5 billion, which could continue to grow as the Metaverse gaming community grows. Rebranding is another big deal in Facebook’s meta for 2021, with the Silicon Valley giant planning to spend billions to attract visitors. A Bloomberg report says they expect Metaverse revenue to reach $800 billion by 2024.

Metacad manages to integrate the best aspects of all the above mentioned projects. And with the right selection of games, Metacademy could easily prove to be a popular metaverse destination for gamers and game developers alike. So chances are the MCADE token will take off and go to the moon as the Metacade platform becomes a cornerstone of Web3 gaming.

Early MetaCADE token holders can stake their MCADE tokens to earn a share of the project’s revenue, which will be a lot when the project reaches its full potential. Many crypto projects offer annual returns, but only a few offer real payouts to the community. This makes it a great incentive for holders and gamers alike.


P2E gaming has been one of the hottest cryptocurrency sectors in the past year and soon the race for the best Metaverse games and gaming hubs will heat up. Metacade’s multi-game setup capitalizes on that trend, providing a thriving community for gamers and developers to earn rewards for gaming and creating.

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