Next week’s free games from Epic take you to ‘Nam

Next week's free games from Epic take you to 'Nam


It’s a new free games day on the Epic Games Store, which means you can not only buy a great Warhammer 40K tactics game for free, but also get a peek at what’s coming next week. During the week of November 3, the Epic Store’s free PC games include the military FPS game Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and the sci-fi puzzle game Filament.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is Tripwire’s successor to Rising Storm, a standalone expansion for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad that the studio created with the help of the Red Orchestra modding community. The first Rising Storm moved the action from the Eastern Front of WW2 to the theater in the Pacific, and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – as the name implies – explores this area again, but goes further in time to the Vietnam War.

It’s in the style of the classics of the genre: 64-player big battles, using era-specific weapons and vehicles. Forces include the North Vietnamese Army and the National Liberation Front vs. the United States Army, the Marine Corps, the Australian Army, and the Republic of Vietnam Army.

This one may already be in your Epic library – Rising Storm 2: Vietnam was also one of Epic’s free games in October 2020.

Also next week is free Filament, a sci-fi themed indie puzzle game. Here you have to solve wire-based puzzles by physically threading a cable around contact pins – it’s said to be a very challenging task and contains a charming story to weave it all together.

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