News of Vince McMahon turning down ‘Forbidden Door’ Royal Rumble entrants

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Backstage news has emerged after former chairman and CEO Vince McMahon dismissed those entering the ‘Forbidden Door’ Royal Rumble.

In January, the Women’s Royal Rumble match featured many names who were not signed to WWE at the time.

Most notably, Mickie James returned to WWE at the Rumble, with WWE admitting that she was the Impact Knockout Champion.

There were rumors that the men’s Rumble would feature surprise ‘Forbidden Door’ names, with speculation that AEW’s Chris Jericho could make headlines with his return to WWE.

speak with givemysportWrestleVotes said that was never the case, noting that none of AEW had ever officially planned for the event.

Noting that Vince McMahon was given a list of several names, and he declined them all, WrestleVotes stated:

“It was never on the table to be anyone from AEW. that I know for sure.

“They agreed to have Mickie James wear the Impact title, so I know the idea was ‘If we do it to women, shouldn’t we do it to men?'”

“From what I understand, a list of four or five people was presented, and Vince didn’t like any of them, so it ended there.

“Vince doesn’t know every single wrestler outside of WWE, so when this list was presented, there was nothing that jumped out at him.

“I’m not even quite sure he recognized the four or five or six people who said, ‘We can probably do that.’

Vince McMahon notably left WWE in July. Triple H now oversees WWE Creative as the company’s Chief Content Officer.

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WWE will soon open the Forbidden Door, with SmackDown star Shinsuke Nakamura set to face The Great Muta at Pro Wrestling Noah’s The New Year Show in January 2023.

There are reportedly ‘bans’ surrounding this bout, which you can read more about here.

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