New Halo Infinite Weapon VK78 Commando Spotted at Halo Event

New Halo Infinite Weapon VK78 Commando Spotted at Halo Event


Halo Infinite has more than twenty weapons that are extremely unique and different from each other. While everyone especially likes these weapons, the game seems to lack newer weapons. This is because some of the weapons in this title were also present in previous entries.

Since the weapons in the game lack a lot of diversity, the team unveiled a new weapon called the VK78 Commando at the HaloWC 2022 Community Stage.

Big takeaway:

  • The new weapon is called the VK78 Commando.
  • It focuses on more mid-range battles rather than battles that take place in CQC.
  • The weapon was unveiled at the HaloWC 2022 Community Stage

The VK78 Commando is an automatic tactical rifle that deals kinetic damage. It’s a precision weapon, meaning it’s capable of hitting unshielded targets and killing them instantly, provided you can actually hit a moving opponent.

Although automatic, it has a relatively low rate of fire. The weapon has a single zoom level and is most effective at medium to long ranges, so close combat can feel sluggish and is extremely unwise.

Although it falters at close range due to a weaker aim assist, it increases the overall damage. It has significant recoil when fired consistently, which can make the weapon difficult to control and aim if you don’t consider the recoil at longer ranges.

The Commando is a fairly common weapon in multiplayer, often found in weapon pads on multiplayer maps, or scattered across campaign levels. Ammunition for the weapon is therefore usually plentiful.

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It has a total of 20 rounds in its magazine, since the weapon has a lower rate of fire, the size of the magazine won’t affect it that much.

This weapon redesign is very unique to see, as we’ve never actually seen the team working on older weapons. With all this in mind, the possibility of more weapons seems plentiful. However, if the development team continues to experiment with older items instead of implementing new things in the game, the community may not like it as much as it hoped.

Other than that, these recent leaks assure us that 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios won’t be leaving Halo Infinite anytime soon, despite the recent decline the game has seen. However, all of this is just speculation at this point, so take this information with a grain of salt.



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