Never mind the crypto crash, Christie’s continues to sell over 15 NFTs just in time for Miami Art Week. artnet news


The cryptoverse is not enjoying 2022. Bitcoin prices are down 65 percent, NFT trading volume is down 97 percent, and the explosion of FTX showed that the industry is both financially questionable and morally bankrupt.

You can hardly think of an ideal time for Christie’s to really get the wheels spinning with its exclusive NFT operation. However, the auction house remains steadfast and announces the sale of “Next Wave: The Miami Edit” for spring 2021 with cheerful optimism. Why not? It has NFT pedigree. It collects some of the biggest names in crypto art. It features Christie’s 3.0, an on-chain auction platform.

“Despite the cryptocurrency news cycle, interest in digital art remains strong,” Nicole Sales Giles, director of digital art at Christie’s, told Artnet News. “Collectors want to own the best works of art and Christie’s 3.0 is the location.”

The auction, which runs from November 30 to December 7, is timed to coincide with Miami Art Week, an event that became an IRL bonanza of crypto festivities last year. is at the top mother herd A generative project created by Random International and Daniil Krivoruchko that allows viewers to manipulate a swarm of thousands of bird-like shapes. Other treasures include a photograph by Dave Krugman, an American automotive photographer; untitled by nature-oriented painter and programmer Zanken; and, appropriately, Miami cityCool coloring by Corey Van Lew.

“Untitled” Affairs. Thanks to Christy

“We have assembled a tight-knit group of digital artists who create very high quality work and are helping to advance the digital art space,” said Sales Giles. “They are the next generation of digital artists.”

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The auction follows the successful debut of Christie’s 3.0 selling works by teen NFT star Diana Sinclair. All works sold for 145 percent more than the lower estimate. It also saw 300 customers connect their crypto wallets to Christie’s 3.0.

Christie was an early mainstream supporter of the NFT and crypto art movement. Last year, the auction house staged a sale of Beepal for $69 million every day: first 5000 days And this was followed by big sales from cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Starting prices for “Next Wave: The Miami Edit” range from 4 to 80 ETH, but what it will cost in fiat currency by the time the auction starts is anyone’s guess.

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