NEON PRIME Is Reportedly A Dota-Style Sci-Fi Title

NEON PRIME Is Reportedly A Dota-Style Sci-Fi Title


About two years ago, it was revealed that the creator of DOTA 2, ICEFROG, is working on a Valve project. No information about the project was revealed at the time other than that the said project is also being developed for mobile. The DOTA series started as a fan-made mod for Warcraft III in 2003. The fan who created the mod was ICEFROG.

The first major update on the untitled project we got was about two weeks ago when Valve registered a trademark for NEON PRIME. The update also gave the project a name.

The said trademark is said to be unrelated to Valve’s hardware related projects as it was listed as “computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, computer game programs downloadable from the Internet.”

The information floating around at the time implied that ICEFROG would like to make it an original project that has nothing to do with Dota. Other rumors suggested that this could be a DOTA game or a Half-Life spin-off.


  • A well-known Valve insider, Tyler McVicker, has revealed in a tweet that NEON PRIME will be a DOTA-style sci-fi game.
  • NEON PRIME is said to have been developed by DOTA maker ICEFROG.
  • Recently, Valve listed a trademark for the project two weeks ago.
  • Valve has yet to announce the game, but Tyler expects an announcement during The Game Awards.

Now a very well-known rock star Tyler McVicker has claimed, in a tweet, to have information that suggests NEON PRIME is most likely part of the DOTA series. This basically means it’s not related to Half-Life Citadel, Valve’s other in-dev game. He went on to say that the game will probably NOT be a first person shooter, just like DOTA.

He also said that NEON PRIME probably “taking place in other dimensions, such as the continuum or the moons of Ultoria.” These are the names of locations on the DOTA map.

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The game could be a MOBA just like DOTA 2 as it is rumored to be set in one of DOTA’s locations.

Details about the game’s platform support are also not available. But looking at the platform support for other games of the DOTA franchise, the game may only be available for PC and mobile.

Valve has yet to make an official announcement for NEON PRIME and all information available is nothing but speculative.

Tyler expects the announcement to take place during The Game Awards, as Valve will not trademark its IPs until they are in the final stages of development.

Will Valve bring the NEON PRIME project to a successful conclusion? Or will it be canceled like many other projects? Discuss it in the comments below.



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