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Therefore, the crypto market is bearish. It’s painfully well founded, and yes, thank you very much, SBF. But you wouldn’t know it from the first day sale of NFT Fest in Melbourne.

A crowd poured like irreplaceable sardines into the Alex Theater in St Kilda on Wednesday as the party turned out to be quite an outstanding day with top local and international industry speakers, educational workshops and fun, extended, networked chatter. Not to mention Lamingtons, coffee, bananas and beer.

stock head Was there trying to cover three rooms of non fungible token and general crypto related stuff all day at the same time. It turned out to be almost impossible, but we did what we could. We’re doing it again today and over the next few days we’ll strive to bring you the best of the festivities.

But what was the general atmosphere? Positive…with more frustration than swearing about the recent market turmoil. However, if you were to choose one particular crypto story or topic to base a conference on, NFTs would be it. The “bear market be damned, we’re building” philosophy is clear and strong in this case.

So far, the conference has covered a wide range of topics including Web3 brand building, gaming and esports, regular game code, payment rails and the role of NFTs/cryptos in the future of finance, future regulation, NFTs as art and music. And much more.

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Here are a few select quotes from Wednesday’s proceedings:

• “I’m doing this because I believe the future of collectibles and what we do with NFTs will change the art world and the art market forever.”
Kevin Rose Co-founder @PROOF and Moonbirds.

• “Anyone who says NFTs are a scam certainly doesn’t understand the technology and the utility they may offer. They can be effectively used as verifiable records of digital membership and digital ownership, and this is a real opportunity for brands. It all comes down to ownership and the ability to trace and track it.
lisa teCo-founder of Web3 Marketing Agency Mooning.

• “Gaming is the Trojan Horse of the Web3… Sony PlayStation and Facebook’s Meta are sending huge, awesome teams to Australia – why? In their words, ‘Australia is the hottest place for new development’ and we’ve got it.
Stan Roche, Assistant Director @ Global Australia.

• “As for what happened with FTX, it’s not about cryptocurrency, it’s about human behavior… but this is a turning point for the crypto and NFT industry. what happens to us [regulations regarding exchanges] comes for you And I think anyone interested in space should pay close attention to it.
Caroline BowlerCEO of BTC Markets.

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• “Supporting the startup community and supporting the investment needed is critical… and Australia has a real opportunity to lead the way in this area. We just have to invest in ourselves and keep working.
Lisa WadeCEO of DigitalX.

• “As a traditional institution exploring this space, we come here from a place of humility – we still have a lot to learn. But we also believe that the financing of the future will be enabled through NFTs and blockchain more broadly. And we’re very excited to be a part of that big build.
Annabelle SimpsonDirector of Digital Assets @ NAB.

• “I’ve never met anyone in crypto who says they want to work for the government.”
Anthony SasanoFounder @ The Daily Jeeves

top 10 overview

According to CoinGecko, with a total crypto market cap of US$864 billion, it is currently among the top 10 tokens in the game, up 3% from yesterday.

Nice use of bitcoin, ethereum, bnb, doge and others to spice up the market a bit. US $17k the next stop for BTC?

up and down: 11–100

With the rest of the top 100 traversing a market cap range of about $6.35 billion to about $324 million, let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners and losers of the 24-hour period at the time of writing. (Statistics accurate at time of publication based on data.)

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daily pampering

, solana (SOL), (Market cap: US$5.15 billion) +20%

, dash (DASH), (MC: US$471 million) +18%

, Litecoin (LTC), (MC: US$5.6M) +14%

, bend dao (CRV), (MC: US$450 million) +14%

, clay barrel (KLAY), (MC: US$558 million) +12%

daily sleepers

, To move a horse around in a circle (Cava), (Market cap: US$318 million) -6%

, avmos (EVMOS), (Market cap: US$324 billion) -3%

, trust wallet (TWT), (MC: US$883 million) -4%

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