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MLW spoils its own title change


Major League Wrestling returned from the summer break with a TV show on Sunday night (September 18) in Atlanta, GA. The Super Series event featured wrestlers from MLW, AAA, IWA and DRAGONGATE. Championships were at stake in interpromotional battles, and one belt even changed hands.

Needless to say, there’s a spoiler ahead of your peeping eyes. If you want to keep the merger surprises for TV watching, then read no further.

One of the star attractions of the Super Series was the MLW debut of DRAGONGATE’s Shun Skywalker. Skywalker challenged Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight Championship. MLW reported that the masked newcomer put his money on his mouth and won the title.

MLW has issued the following: press release:

Breaking news: there is a new world middleweight champion!

Last night in Atlanta, history was made when Shun Skywalker pinned Myron Reed to end his 9-month reign.

Cameras rolled as the title changed hands, the first MLW title to do so in Georgia. The title fight will air this fall when the new season of FUSION kicks off.

League officials are ready for a zoom talk with DRAGONGATE CEO Mr. Kido to chart the upcoming title fights for the new champion. will update this story as needed.

When one door closes, another opens with opportunity. Promoter Cesar Duran (aka Dario Cueto) has his eye on the prize for lucrative matchmaking opportunities for Skywalker.

As for Reed, he seems to be focused on bigger things. The three-time middleweight title holder has proven his excellence in that weight class. Could a step up to challenge Davey Richards for the MLW National Openweight Championship or a rumble with Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship be Reed’s future?

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MLW has yet to announce an official return date for a new episode of merger. It should arrive soon for the fall season.

Until then, support Shun Skywalker as the new MLW Middleweight Champion with merch.

Are you excited about Shun Skywalker’s title reign? What would you like to see from Myron Reed as he continues his journey in MLW?



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