MJF reacts that AEW should stop making WWE references


MJF has made more on-air references to WWE than any other AEW wrestler over the past three years, be it Bruce Pritchard, Triple H, Cody Rhodes, and even Vince McMahon in various promos and segments. name through.

For example, in last week’s “AEW Dynamite,” MJF referred to Triple H as the “greatest of all time” and “jolly Old St. Nick.” [Khan]As for “the only Khan who matters in professional wrestling”, the latter was a reference to WWE co-CEO Nick Khan. During the same promo, MJ clarified that he was using the AEW World Title—which he earned a shot at winning an all-out pay-per-view casino ladder match—as “a bargaining chip in the bidding war of 2024”. As, while threatening to take AEW’s top prize to “a real wrestling company with real fans and real wrestlers.” “The American Roller-Code-ster” Cody Rhodes was cited in WWE as one of his inspirations for jumping ship in WWE.

While some believe that MJF’s constant reference to WWE does not bode well for the AEW product, others acknowledge that MJF’s threat to move his talent to WWE in 2024 is part of his current character. And what makes TV compelling. Former WWE official Jimmy Corderas is among the latter. through A video posted on his TwitterCorderas asked AEW wrestlers to focus on their product and avoid mistakes made by WCW.

“Ignore the other team, because that’s where the biggest downfall for this company was [WCW] When he was in competition with WWE,” Cordius said in his rant. “He didn’t ignore him, he kept referring to him. Ignore them, stay engaged with your business and grow your audience that way.”

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MJF has now responded to Corderas’ criticism.

“Former referee Jimmy Corderas try [sic] Biggest promo ever by MJF to show him how to do his job.” MJF wrote on Twitter, “Former bell-time keeper Herbert Ponzarelli tries to explain to MJF how to do a headlock.”

Since returning to AEW at All Out pay-per-view, MJF has focused on the AEW World Title and is rumored to wrestle the winner of the ongoing AEW World Title tournament at Full Gear pay-per-view in November Is. 19. MJF earned a title by virtue of winning the Casino Ladder match at All Out.



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