MJF addresses AEW All Out return and backstage drama


MJF has commented on his AEW return to All Out and the backstage feud that followed the show.

In the closing moments of the September 4 pay-per-view, MJF revealed that it was the mystery ‘Joker’ entrant who won the casino ladder match the night before.

While MJF’s return was certainly noteworthy, the next day, most of the wrestling world was talking about the backstage fight, which was followed by CM Punk’s verbal acrimony during a post show media scrum.

speak with Ariel Helwani on MMA HourMJF stated that he had nothing to do with the backstage drama, noting:

“All I can say is, I do not deal with rumors and hoaxes. I do not want. Here are the facts. Said a lot. It doesn’t apply to me, it doesn’t apply to me. I’ll tell you why and use some numbers because numbers don’t lie.

“Numbers are facts and facts don’t care about your feelings. When MJF goes out there, I pop a big number. We just killed it in the ratings. People come, go, stay; people on the plate.” We’re stepping up. There are big stars in our company. I’m not worried in the least.

“I am not going to comment on what was said as it does not apply to me. What I would say is that our company is very good right now. ,

Asked whether the events after the All Out affected his return, MJF said:

“Did you hear the following Dynamite reaction? Did it look like it took something away from MJF? Moral scars. Mouth breathing marks of stupidity. They go on Twitter, ‘I don’t see how this’s gonna work’ This is absolutely ridiculous.’

“Then there I go, you eat your words and there’s never an apologetic tweet. Never say, ‘I was wrong, MJF was right.’ ‘MJF got one of the fastest pops I can’t hear myself thinking.’ No one is going to tweet. They’re just going to tweet what they think is true and accurate.”

With his Casino Ladder Match win, MJF earned the AEW World Title shot, which would take place at the time of his choice.

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