MINGZE Folding Straw House, Rabbit Grass House, for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Ferret, Multi-Utility, Edible, Non-Toxic, Chew Toy for Small Animals

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The MINGZE Folding Straw House is an incredible product perfect for your furry small animals. This rabbit grass house is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and ferrets. The multi-utility of this product solves numerous purposes. This is not just a regular hideout for your furry friends, but also serves as a chew toy. The folding straw house is edible and non-toxic, making it safe for your pets to eat. The straw house is made with top-quality materials to ensure your pets’ safety and comfort. This product is sure to provide your pets with a comfortable and safe space as well as entertainment to fulfill their chewing needs. Get the MINGZE Folding Straw House for your small animals and make their time enjoyable!

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Price: £14.99 - £14.50
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Dimensions: 30CM*23CM*20*CM
Weight: 400 g
Material:Made out of all natural grass
Breathable design
Perfect detail

The Reasons to Choose Us
Made out of all natural grass, It is completely safe and edible.Because chewing is their natural instinct, they love to gorge on practically anything and everything without realizing the damage they cause to your costly home furnishings. So, Add To Cart now and bring home the folding woven grass house to bring a better living environment for your pet.
Besides, folding design ensure that you can put it anywhere you like when you do not use it, only takes less storage space.

【Suitable Size】The nice 30X20X23 CM, hand-woven Grass House by MINGZE provides utmost comfort, sense of security and warmth to your small animal.
【Suitable for Many Types of Pets】Suitable for small pets like hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbit etc.
【Save Space】When your pet doesn’t need time, you can fold the straw house as shown, which saves you a lot of space.
【Exquisite Appearance 】Adorable and delicate appearance with unique and precise design.



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