Millet Sprays x 10 Premium Cage Bird Food Seed

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Millet Sprays x 10 Premium Cage Bird Food Seed is a high-quality bird food that is packed with nutrition to nourish your feathered friend. This pack includes ten premium millet sprays that are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals to meet the daily dietary requirements of your pet bird. The millet sprays are perfect for a variety of cage bird species, including finches, budgies, and canaries. These bird foods are an excellent source of energy and help to maintain healthy feathers and skin. The premium quality of this bird food guarantees that your pet bird gets the best possible nutrition it needs to stay happy and healthy. Additionally, the high-quality packaging ensures that the millet sprays remain fresh and delicious until your bird eats them. So, give your pet bird a treat it will love and add Millet Sprays x 10 Premium Cage Bird Food Seed to its diet.

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Maltbys’ Stores Millet Sprays

Millet sprays have been used for many years as a supplementary diet aid (as well as a tasty snack!) for a huge variety of cage and aviary birds. Millet is a fantastically versatile seed which is lower in fat than some other grains, and can provide a source of protein, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium, all of which your bird will need to maintain a balanced diet. Birds also love the taste of it, and when given in moderation alongside their regular food it can provide a delicious treat for your feathered friends.

Aviary and cage birds also love millet sprays because it satisfies their natural desire to forage for their own food. The seeds are packed tightly in small clusters on the stalks, meaning birds will happily peck away at them for hours. Try tying the millet to the side of the cage or dangling it from above to encourage your bird to be more active. This gives them not only nutritional value, but entertainment and mental stimulation too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Millet Sprays

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Where do millet sprays come from?

Millet is a type of grain which originated from Asia and Africa. Often the stalks are stripped of their seeds, which are used as a foodstuff in their own right or form part of many bird seed mixes. However, millet sprays are left in their entirely natural form, with the seeds still clustered on the stalks. They generally vary in length between 8-12″ (20-30cm) and are usually a light tan or pale yellow colour.

What sort of birds are millet sprays good for?

Almost all varieties of pet bird will enjoy millet sprays, including budgies, cockatiels, finches, canaries, doves, lovebirds, parakeets and parrots. It is best suited to smaller birds with shorter, more delicate beaks, but larger species like cockatoos and macaws may still peck at the seeds. Millet can also be used for wild bird feeding, and has been known to attract a range of wild bird species including finches, doves, buntings and quail.

How much millet should I be giving my birds?

As with all food supplements for pets, millet sprays are best used in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. Ensure you use millet sprays alongside your bird’s usual seed, and try to vary their intake by also providing things like fruit and pellets. If you have smaller birds and are concerned the millet sprays may be too large to give them all at once, they can easily be cut into pieces and given a bit at a time.

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We sell a comprehensive range of feeds for all cage and aviary birds, including seed mixes for parrots, budgies, finches, cockatiels, parakeets, pigeons and canaries.

They are shipped Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited direct from China. They come into their own when babies are being weaned (sprays can encourage them to eat when they have yet to find the seed pots) and at shows after judging.
At Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited we specialise in cage bird ( aviary) bird foods and supplies. We pride ourselves on selling top quality products all year round. Please search for Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited to see the rest of our extensive range.
As one of the biggest sellers in the British cage bird food market we on average get a fresh delivery every 3 weeks on all our best selling lines. So you are always buying off us the freshest possible products.
Sold by Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited a trusted UK BRAND serving the British wild bird, pet, garden and fishing community for over 100 years with top quality fresh products.



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