Michael Phelps’ attempt to look like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson didn’t end well for the US Olympic hero: ‘Absolutely destroyed’


Dwayne Johnson is a personality synonymous with wrestling and action movies. But one thing he is very popular for is his Adonis body. Not only does he share healthy routines and intensive workouts, but he also takes care of his body and does not favor any protein.

His results with healthy eating and non-toxic training have influenced many role models and athletes. And one of those athletes, Michael Phelps, spoke about Dwayne Johnson’s body when asked about it in an interview.

Michael Phelps talks about Dwayne Johnson getting ready for Hercules

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Michael Phelps was asked about his routine for the Shark Week Showdown.

He , “I saw a workout that [Dwayne] “The rock” [Johnson] did to prepare for Hercules. Honestly, I did, and it kicked my ass. It destroyed me, absolutely destroyed me, but it was good, in a way, just because it challenged me to be different, outside of the pool. I have always spent my time in the water, and now I have the opportunity to do different things.

I am, now, building my own gym and looking for a space to rent, and kind of having my own escape, almost, really, like what The Rock is doing. He is able to escape life for a bit and spend time in the gym, as we all see…It’s making sure I take time, when I need it, to exercise that will make me more productive and make me a better father, will make me a better husband. Basically, it’s a balancing act, and I think we all go through that.

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The Rock Workouts

One thing you can find all over Instagram is shirtless photos of him working out at his personal gym. Not only does The People’s Champ take training seriously, it’s also one of the reasons we don’t see him in the ring very often.

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Posts like these are inspirational, striving to be as tough and strong as The Rock. But one thing he often reminds his fans is that a body isn’t built overnight or by artificial means. But it’s determination and drive that build a great physique.


Tell us about what inspires you about The Rock’s healthy and clean regiment to maintain an optimal physique.

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