Massive Expansion Despite Adversity – Vacuum establishes new offices and teams in North America and South Korea


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NEW YORK, NY, Nov. 23 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Vacuum announced its plans to establish brand new offices and team members in South Korea and North America. Vacuum is a leading blockchain-based project created by experts from all walks of life. As can be seen with most blockchain projects, Vacuum aims to make a significant contribution to the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency. The team is committed to establishing and strengthening partnerships with real-world organizations across industries.

The team behind Vacuum is currently working on several projects, including TINA Launchpad, the P2E game Crazy Rich Rabbit, and the second generation of the Crazy Rich Rabbit NFT series. But the main focus of his work has to do with the Metaverse Union, a central metaverse that aims to connect all other metaverses. This is the Web 3.0 solution for Metaverse Social Media.

Metaverse Union was first conceived by the core team when the team realized that social media was the only way to communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vacuum saw the opportunity and decided to build a social media platform based on Web 3.0 technology for this new era. VACUUM, the anerc-20 based token, will be the reserve currency of the VACUUM ecosystem.

Vacuum Team is very confident in its journey to become the best ecosystem in the Web 3.0 era

Some features of the Metaverse

As mentioned earlier, the vacuum’s main utility would come from its metaverse. This is called the Metaverse Union (MU). Here are some of the features found in MU.

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Bubble is a feature in the metaverse where community members are given free space to connect with other members with similar interests. It will help members form new relationships or organize seminars and conferences within our Metaverse. Bubbles can be unlocked in the Metaverse if you have enough VC or NFTs. You must have an NFT that meets all requirements and conditions to enter the bubble. It is possible to add or separate bubbles, which will help maintain and grow each community within the Metaverse Union.


MU allows you to choose a profile picture for your avatar before signing up. Using an avatar generator, your image will be rendered and applied in 3D in real time. A new avatar is created each time you use MU, but you can buy a ready-made avatar as an NFT using Vacuum Coin to permanently use it as your PFP. Various 3D avatar designs will also be added in collaboration with other projects.

Real-time Voice Translation: RVT

One of the main features of Metaverse Union is the RVT Token. RVT technology allows users to convert their voice into text using speech-to-text technology, which is then translated into user-specified target languages. This message can be displayed on your partner’s screen or can be turned into speech using text-to-speech technology. Efforts are being made to implement this great technology more smoothly and naturally, while the goal is to expand the use of RVT to various companies, government agencies and charities that could benefit from this technology.

These are some of the features of Metaverse Union, which is part of the vacuum ecosystem.

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Vacuum is currently executing its strategic investment round and Vacuum Coin will be launched in 3 weeks. As promised, VC holders will greatly benefit from the various De-Fi products and NFTs that the team will be introducing soon.


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