Marina i25 Filter Replacement Cartridge, Medium



Replacing the filter cartridge in your Marina i25 Medium filter is a simple process that can help keep your aquarium clean and healthy. The filter cartridge should be replaced every two to three months, depending on the size of your aquarium and the amount of fish and other inhabitants. When it’s time to replace the filter cartridge, simply remove the old one and insert the new one. Make sure the new filter cartridge is securely in place, and then turn the filter on. Your aquarium will be back to its clean and healthy state in no time!

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Marina i25 Filter Replacement Cartridge

Marina i25 replacement Power Cartridge is made specifically to fit inside the Marina i25 internal filter. Its unique design forces the water to enter through the centre of the cartridge. As unfiltered water enters the two-chamber cartridge, it first passes through the zeolite chamber, which removes toxic ammonia. The water then enters the activated carbon chamber, where pollutants and odours are removed. The water then enters the floss layer, which traps dirt and debris. This unique flow of water results in a crystal clear water. Replace every 4 weeks. This package contains 2 Power Cartridges.

Compatible with Marina i25 filter
Provides effective filtration
Replace every 4 weeks.



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