Major New WWE Star Wants Match With Roman Reigns



Logan Paul has fought two matches in WWE, and while some don’t want to admit it, it seems natural.

He was so natural that WWE offered him a multi-year contract, and speaking during his impressive podcastPaul revealed that there is one WWE star he wants to face above all else.

In the past, Logan Paul has faced Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, but his next goal is to face Roman Reigns in the wrestling ring.

he said:

“I can feel the dog coming out inside me. Like when I see him [Roman] On TV and in the ring, I just want to wrestle with that guy.

“Did you see what I did at SummerSlam? When was the last time you saw something like this? Top rope, on the table, in my second match so far.

“That’s what I do. As soon as I get into something, I love to compete at the highest level.

“You’ve just pitted me against Roman Reigns, I think I’ll win. Me vs Roman Reigns face to face, that’s my match.”

In his short WWE career, Paul has faced Rey Mysterio, Dominic Mysterio, and The Miz, and if their past matches are anything to go by, we can expect some great fights in the future.

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