Majestic Ally 1.25”x1.25” Holes Ultra Slow Feed 38” Very Sturdy Hay Net with Bottom Ring for Horses, Nylon monofilament Rope Hanging, Travel Feeder for Trailer and Stall, Reduces Waste (Black)



The Majestic Ally ultra slow feed hay net is the perfect solution for reducing hay waste and providing a safe feeding experience for horses. Measuring 1.25”x1.25” per hole and with a length of 38”, this hay net is designed to provide maximum resistance to prevent your horse from overeating, and reduce the risk of colic or other digestive issues. Crafted from high-quality nylon monofilament rope, this hay net is incredibly durable and sturdy, making it perfect for both stall and trailer use. Featuring a bottom ring and easy hanging design, the Majestic Ally hay net is an essential travel feeder, helping to keep your horse properly fed and content on the go. Choose the black option for a stylish and sleek addition to your horse’s feeding routine.

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Keep your horse fed with a premium hay net designed for stall and travel feeding that’s safer and better for your horse.
When it comes to feeding your horse when they’re not grazing an open field you need a hay net that can help monitor how much food they intake but also keeps them grazing slowly and comfortably. That’s why we created the Majestic Ally Hay Net that can be adjusted to suit a travel trailer, stall, or other space, so they can eat a bale without you having to worry about overeating or wasting excess hay.
Farm-Friendly Color Options
Our high-quality, super durable hay nets are not only built for rugged daily use but perfect for holding more hay at shows and comes in a variety of colors to better match your horse or your individual style. In fact, we offer Black, Turquoise, Hunter green, Hurricane Blue and Royal Blue to make them easier to blend in with other horse accessories or to make them easier to spot in dark trailers or barns.
Product Details:

  • Premium Hay Net for Horses
  • Simulates Grazing for Slow Feeding
  • Heavy-Duty Strong Webbing
  • Very Small 1.25”x 1.25” Hole for Digestion
  • Available in Two (2) Distinct Colors

Get this premium hay Nets for feeding your horses and give them a slow, natural grazing in the stall or on the go to ensure improved digestion and less wasted hay. Get yours now by clicking Add to Cart above.
Helps Regulate Horses Digestion – Very Small 1.25” holed rope net helps slow down your equine while eating to reduce stomach problems or indigestion. Small holes mesh simulates natural grazing.
Slow-Feeding Bag Design with Bottom Ring– A smarter, more animal-friendly design this hay feeder net is made from a strong nylon monofilament and has a ring at the bottom which help shape the bag nicely.
Reduce Overall Food Waste – A small, square 1.25×1.25” hole keeps them from gulping too much food or air at the same time to reduce over-spill and hay mess, which can save you money while also improve their overall digestion.
Multiple Color- Comes in a farm friendly multiple color to match your style.



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