Logan Paul makes his WWE SmackDown debut with a challenge to Roman Reigns



Logan Paul started WWE SmackDown with a challenge to Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

The first challenge was to appear at the press conference in Las Vegas yesterday.

When The Bloodline appeared, they were now reunited with their Wise Man, Paul Heyman, who appeared on the mic as the others surrounded Logan Paul in the ring.

Heyman encourages Logan Paul to fight with someone else, to which Paul replies that Heyman was a promoter but it’s just a press conference and asks who is Bloodline afraid of?

The second challenge was presented as a series of what ifs – what if he challenged Roman Reigns at a press conference?

Logan Paul asked what if he could land “that one lucky shot”, and he dropped Roman Reigns “like a sack of potatoes”.

Paul finally asked: “What if I beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship?”

Paul Heyman said that he doesn’t like ifs, he doesn’t like his scenarios and he doesn’t like them and now, he has to handle them… and called Solo Sequoia.

The segment ended after Honorary Youse Sami Zayn attempted to use diplomacy to disrupt a brewing feud with Logan Paul… until Logan Paul led him in Zayn’s scheduled match against Ricochet. Not extended, on the next coming.

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