Leo Rush Comments On How WWE Is Booking Bobby Lashley


Former WWE Superstar Leo Rush believes it “feels natural” to see Bobby Lashley working at the top of the card in his current position in WWE.

Rush spent time working with All-Mighty during their main roster run, starring as the publicity man for the former Hurt Business star, and in an exclusive Wrestling Inc. interview. Nick HausmanWhile “it’s a milestone,” he said, it’s ultimately “where Bobby should be.” Rush was responsible for turning Lashley’s heels when they originally began working together, and it was a run that would eventually lead Lashley to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

The two men had a major feud with Finn Balor over that title at the time, with Lashley facing Balor at WWE WrestleMania 35, where Rush was at ringside. But since they split, Lashley has taken the card even higher, where he is now a two-time former WWE Champion. He has become a main event player in the business, and Rush is “glad he is where he is today.”

“It feels right and I’m glad he’s there, I’m happy and I’m proud that I was there at a certain point in his career and I contributed positively in some way and I’m happy for him, ” They said.

Rush also believes that “there are some things” that he ended with Lashley that “taken some inspiration” and kept in what All-Mighty has done in recent years. The former “WWE 205 Live” star feels he has “stretched a leg” and “continues to help and progress his career” when talking about Lashley.

“I’m just happy for him, I’m glad that what he’s doing is good and people are still talking about the almighty, big man, and he’s still doing his poses and all, so It’s great to see,” he said.

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Now, Lashley is involved in a story with Theory, who won a Gauntlet match on “WWE Raw” to earn a United States Championship match at the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank premium live event.

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