Larry Zbyszko gives update on his WWE Performance Center coaching status


Larry Zabieszko provided an update on his position as a coach at the WWE Performance Center. Zbyszko has been making some appearances at WWE PC over the years, but he hasn’t been around the feature of late.

serving as guest “Insiders’ Edge” Podcast, Zbyszko discusses why he hasn’t been seen on PC in a few years.

“I live eight miles from the performance center where they teach freshmen, ‘NXT’ is filmed there,” Zabieszko said. “I was sticking my nose and helping some people before the COVID crap, but it was like two years ago and then it got weird. So, I haven’t been back since then, but things started opening up And now change and I was watching. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Zbyszko admitted that he thinks wrestling nowadays is more of a circus act than being promoted as an actual sport. He praised current talent for raising the bar in terms of athleticism, but believes that many of the moves have lost meaning.

With that said, Zbyszko knows there’s a slight disconnect between her generation and the current crop of stars. He recalled going to WWE PC and the old wrestling stories of the younger generation and the response they got.

“Sometimes when I’d go to the PC and I’d tell some stories about some other people, today’s youth would look at me and go, ‘Really? Did this really happen?'”

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