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The Labeol Hamster Chew Toys is a complete set of cage accessories specially made for small animals. This set includes 11 different natural wooden toys that are perfect for your hamster, rat, guinea pig, chinchilla, gerbil, rabbit, parrot or Syrian hamster to play and chew on. The set also includes a hamster ball swing, which is not only fun but also great for exercise. All the toys are made of safe materials, so you don’t have to worry about any harm to your pet. With these toys, your pet will never get bored and will have all the fun it needs to stay happy and healthy. Get this amazing set and give your furry friend a complete playtime experience.

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Product Description

Hamster Chew ToysHamster Chew Toys

Pet chew toys, from now on you and your small animals closer!

Pure natural wood materials, safe and non-toxic, protect the health of pets and pets, let you rest assured. Help your pet to wear teeth to prevent the problem of too long teeth. When playing with toys, pets can get exercise and get healthy at the same time. Pet chew toys can strengthen the interaction between you and your pet, and narrow the distance between you and It.

Hamster Chew ToysHamster Chew Toys

Why do pets need toys?

Rodents’ teeth grow all the time, so it is important to have special toys for them, otherwise their teeth will be too long and they will feel uncomfortable, which will affect their eating. Our natural wood molar toys are specially designed for small pets, so they don’t hurt their teeth and give your pet health!Pets need more companionship and this toy can play with your pet instead of you when you’re not at home, they won’t get bored, and it will also keep your pet healthy by giving them proper exercise.

Natural woodNatural wood

have funhave fun

To enhance the bond between you and your pet.To enhance the bond between you and your pet.


The hamster chew toys are made of natural wood, safety security, ensure small pet teeth healthy growth can also be let themselves in a cage bored biting looking for a bit of fun.

Funny & Health

The teeth care molar ball could keep your lovely pets healthy and active and helping them play around their environment in a new fun way.

To strengthen the bond between you

Pet chew toys can strengthen the interaction between you and your pet, and narrow the distance between you and It.

11 pcs11 pcs

11 Models of Wooden Chew Toys

The Hamster Chew Toys Kit includes Watermelon Balls, Bell Roller, Dumbbell, Unicycle, Square Molar Block with Rope, Bell Swing, Climbing Ladder, Carrot, Willow Rattan Ball, Seesaw and Molar String.

Please do not washPlease do not wash

keep drykeep dry

Wipe with a dry towelWipe with a dry towel

Away from water.

Wood blocks swell when exposed to water, do not wash.

Keep dry.

To prevent moisture and mold, keep in a dry environment.

Wipe with a dry towel.

Please wipe with a dry towel.

🐹【Safe and Natural】- This hamster toy is made of high quality natural wood, carefully selected high quality apple wood, natural drying, strict control of dehydration rate, no mould, with a light wood aroma, your little pet will be more comfortable to use, non-toxic and harmless.
🐹【Durable Molar Tools】- With exquisite and beautiful shape, after special technology, not only are eco-friendly rat toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools. This wooden guinea pig chew toys gives your small rodent the perfect opportunity to play and work out! Keeping them healthy and active and helping them play around their environment in a new fun way.
🐹【Fits Most Small Animals】- This hamster toy set is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus, squirrels, Dutch pigs, prairie dogs, degus, gerbils and other small animals.
🐹【Excellent Gift for Pets】- This hamster toys provides an excellent exercise opportunity for your pet. Multiple fun-shaped toys provide your small pets with plenty of exercise activities, keeping them active and healthy at all times, while not appearing boring.



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