Kvittra Gravel Cleaner Kit, Fish Tank Cleaning Kit (6 in 1), Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Gravel Cleaner with Algae Scraper, Water Flow Controller and Extendable Pipe for Quick Water Changing


The Kvittra Gravel Cleaner Kit is a perfect solution for cleaning your aquarium in the easiest and most convenient way. With 6 different pieces including an algae scraper, water flow controller and extendable pipe, this kit helps in quick water changing, making the cleaning process hassle-free. The vacuum gravel cleaner with its powerful suction capabilities easily sucks up dirt and debris from the bottom of the tank without disturbing the gravel. The water flow controller makes it easy to control the water flow while cleaning the aquarium, reducing the risk of harm to your fish. The extendable pipe helps you to reach even the hard-to-reach parts of the tank. So, if you want to keep your fish tank clean and healthy, the Kvittra Gravel Cleaner Kit is the perfect tool to help maintain a clean and safe environment for your aquatic pets.

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Price: £17.99
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Item Name: Fish tank cleaner kit
Material: PVC+ABS
Length of the Hard Outlet Tube: 28cm/11in
Length of the Soft Outlet Tube: 184cm/72.4in
Total Length of The Gravel Cleaner: 238 – 266cm/93.7 – 104.7in

Package Included:
1 x water changer set (cleaning the water and sand)
1 x Fishnet (catching fish and aquatic plants)
1 x Gravel Rake ( raking and cleaning gravel )
1 x Scraper (planting and moving all types of decoration around)
1 x Fork
1 x Sponge (cleaning the tank)
1 x 19 inch extendable handle (hold the cleaning accessories to keep your hand dry and cleaning easily)

Anti-Back Flow Valve Design – Widened anti-reverse pipe makes drainage more effective. Kindly Note: Please put the QV letter end downward against the bucket when using because the pump is unidirectional.
6 In 1 Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Fish Tank Cleaner Kit – Water changer set + Algae Scraper + Fishnet + Rake + Fork + Sponge. Compatible with 1pcs soft water pipe(72.4in) and 2pcs hard water pipes(11in*2). It is easy to install and operate. fitting different-sized fish tank.
Fish Tank Cleaning Tools – The soft hose can reach everywhere without difficulty, the gravel washer can be easy to clean the sand and sweep up the trash at the bottom of the fish tank.
Easy to Install – The fish tank gravel cleaner can be split into different parts and you can adjust them as per your needs. Besides, it can be fixed on the fish tank to free your hands, great for daily maintenance and routine water changing.



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