Kurt Angle blesses top stars to use ankle locks

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Impact World Champion Josh Alexander has officially received the blessing of using the ankle lock from WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

on the most recent version of Kurt Angle ShowAlexander notes that she had previously contacted Ken Shamrock to check if he was okay with her using the coveted submission hold.

As well as wishing for Kurt Angle’s approval, Alexander explained:

“I will keep applying the ankle lock with proper form. Kurt, when I went into my solo career, I contacted Ken Shamrock, who was still with the company, and I asked him, ‘Do you mind using the ankle lock?’

“He was leaving the company that week. He said, ‘Yeah, I appreciate your asking.’ I said, ‘I’m old school in a sense, if you don’t bless me I won’t. Is that okay?’ ‘I will be honored, of course.’ I started using it then. Are you okay with my use?”

Angle noted that he also sought Ken Shamrock’s blessing when he began using the move. Believing that the ankle lock should always be a major maneuver in wrestling, Angle said:

“Yeah, Kenny let me use it, I asked him the same way you did. I asked him too and he said, ‘Go ahead, I’ll be glad you use it.’ I didn’t invent it. It’s a cool move, a great submission move. It’s always going to go on in professional wrestling and you keep it up and keep it going.”

Josh Alexander has held the Impact World Title since winning back gold from Moose at Rebellion in April. He is set to defend gold against AEW’s Frankie Kazarian in the Overdrive special on November 18th.

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