KSI reacts to Roman Reigns being invited to WWE Crown Jewel

KSI Reacts To Roman Reigns Calling Him Out At WWE Crown Jewel


Action Image via Reuters/WWE

After Roman Reigns called out two popular internet celebrities during WWE Crown Jewel, one has responded!

In times of pandemic, where Roman Reigns often addressed the camera directly, a challenge from the tribal chief to all these “youtubers”.

When Roman Reigns put Logan Paul in the chokehold, he addressed the camera and noted that Paul would be “the last YouTuber” to come into their house!

Then issuing a challenge to the other, KSI and Mr. Beast, naming Roman Reigns

Now KSI has responded, posting the clip on Twitter and tagging Mr Beast himself, writing:

“Roman Wants To Be Smokeable @MrBeast”

No word yet from Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast, who attended his own match against The Rock at the recent Black Adam premiere.

You can click here with all the breaking news from Crown Jewel, the WWE premium live event.

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