Kris Jenner throws shade at Tristan Thompson as he discusses the baby name for Khloe’s son


Between The Kardashians season 2 series finale that just dropped (how did that happen already?!) saw with

ICYMI, the founder of The Good American, and her ex, basketball star Tristan Thompson, welcomed a baby boy together via surrogacy in August. And while the rest of the famous family gathered to celebrate the birth, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner wasted no time talking — with the 67-year-old throwing major shade at her new grandson’s father in the process.

The SKIMS founder asked Khloe, “What are we going to call her?” That’s all I needed to know.” To which Krish replied, “What about Rob?”

But Uncle didn’t stop here. “What about Rob Kardashian-Thompson?” he said. “And then his name is Rob Kardashian?” Ouch.

However, Kris had a reason to sacrifice the name, as she confessed not long ago that she thought the newborn looked just like her son and Khloe’s brother.

“Don’t you think he looks a lot like Rob?” She watched, to which Kim said, “He’s actually Rob’s twin brother.”

While Kris then got emotional, telling Khloe “how special it is to have a bunch of kids because it’s a gift to have a sibling,” he also acknowledged the paternity scandal that rocked Khloe’s relationship last year put.

“I just want to tell you that I am so proud of you,” she told the 38-year-old. “You are the best mother in the entire universe. I am so proud of the way you treated the baby.”

As it stands, we still have no idea what the latest addition to the Kardashian-Jenner family would be, despite her first appearing on social media around Halloween. But the fact that we still don’t know the name of Kylie’s new son — and that Season 2 just ended — makes it seem like we’re probably going to be in limbo for a while.

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