Know what happened during the Last Woman Standing match at WWE Crown Jewel?

Find Out What Happened During The Last Woman Standing Match At WWE Crown Jewel



For the first time in history, WWE ran a Last Woman Standing match at a premium live event in Saudi Arabia and it was a showstopper!

First for WWE in Saudi Arabia, last women’s standings match for the title.

While Bianca Belair and Bailey used copious weapons at ringside, including steel steps, kendo sticks, and even Bailey briefly trapping Bianca in a tool case, there was carnage everywhere.

As is typical in previous women’s standings matches, the action went much further with Bayley and Belair fighting at the entrance until Bianca gave Bayley a ride back.

Putting Bayley on top of a golf cart, Bianca swung her back into the ring and then attempted to throw Bayley through a table over the cart but the table didn’t break.

Trying again on the spot, the table broke as Bianca smashed Bailey through it but the challenger would battle back.

In a brutal position, Belair drops a big KOD on Bailey, dropping her knee first, with Bianca laying the groundwork for the win.

By placing the then stunned Bailey inside a ladder, she fitted the ladder with Bailey under the ring rope at the bottom, lying in wait with a chair, just in case Bailey could get out!

In the end, the referee was able to count to 10 and Belair retained his title amid massive fireworks from Riyadh fans.

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