Kevin Nash on AEW Shooting: ‘You Bunch of Dumb Motherf*****s’



While CM Punk and AEW’s drama has come to a halt with Tony Khan’s bountiful ‘no comment’ reactions, one voice still has an opinion to share.

On his most recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and well-known Triple H friend, Kevin Nash didn’t hold back, sharing his take on the fracas following the AEW All Out and subsequent suspension rumors.

on his podcast, click thisNash didn’t hold back from CM Punk’s earlier saying:

“At 42, Phil is exhausted. He’s kicked. I was in the ring at 55 and he was cutting promos at me saying, ‘Click. Click, I can hear your knees,'” I thought you were dead” That mother ***** cutting that promo at me and she sits there at 42.

“I think in retrospect, like, when I really thought about it, it was like, Oh no, he didn’t lose his s**t. That’s toxic jerk. He didn’t take out his tampon. That f*t” ****g who’s got toxic shock syndrome. I thought about it and I Googled it. I said, 42.”

Nash turned his attention to CM Punk a little more broadly, insulting the whole situation, saying:

“Dude didn’t wrestle for 10 f-king years. It’s like ’75 Eldorado at 102 miles. Mom *****, don’t tell me you’re tired. Shut the f-ck up. AEW All you guys in me, you bunch of dumb mother *****.

“You dumb mom’s bunch*****. You’re a 1099. You know what that means? You were painting someone’s f*****g house, you guys got into a fight, and They told you that you are all suspended.”

Tell us how you really feel Big Daddy Cool!

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No official statement has been issued by All Elite Wrestling regarding the status of the suspension of those involved in the alleged brawl after All Out, although there are several unconfirmed reports.

You can get the latest information by clicking here.

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