Kevin Nash names wrestling moves he believes are too risky

Kevin Nash Names The Wrestling Moves He Believes Are Too Risky


The wrestling business has evolved over the years, with a greater focus on in-ring performance in recent years than in previous years.

As such, many WWE Hall of Famers have a different outlook on business, for better or worse, than many of today’s stars.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke about him Click This Podcastwhere he named moves that he believed are ‘too risky’.

Nash said that he had never seen a wrestler break his neck before wrestlers started using the German suplex, explaining:

“Not even the Germans got hurt. When I first entered, nobody broke their necks. But then suddenly the German suplex came, oh!”

As with the German suplex, Nash revealed that he’s also not a fan of the knife edge chop, and the recent spot in which the two wrestlers hit each other with chop exchanges.

he said:

“Jericho and Danielson had that match in AEW where I lost. I just dont get it. I lost count. Why is it like ‘I give you one. you sell it. you give me one I sell it?’ Our management immediately outlawed it [the knife edge chop.] when you bite someone [for real] It’s right down to using a handgun. The list goes ‘gun, knife edge cut’. Rick would bite me, but Rick would always chase after him with a punch. Cutting. Punch. So the chop might give him a chance to hit his punches. but they don’t [anymore.] There is psychology to it or not. ,

Finally, Nash named the piledriver as another move he thinks is too risky, saying:

“Piledrivers are another. I mean the almost paralyzed Steve [Austin.] I never gave one.”

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