Kerbl Triangular Vienna Reins



The Kerbl Triangular Vienna Reins are an excellent tool for equestrians who want to achieve better communication with their horse. These triangular-shaped reins provide greater control and direction during riding, making it a great training aid for young or inexperienced horses. The reins are made from high-quality leather and are designed to be comfortable for the rider to hold, while the triangular shape allows for precise handling of the horse. The Kerbl Triangular Vienna Reins are ideal for dressage training and other competitive riding disciplines. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, these reins can help you improve your horsemanship skills and develop a stronger bond with your equine partner.

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Price: £26.46
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• also known as Vienna reins
• modified side rein design to provide more flexibility when moving your horse forwards or backwards than with normal side reins or fixed training aids
• adjustable
• black
• the triangular reins are acceptable for tournaments in accordance with §70 LPO

Variable shape of the pin gives you more possibilities when moving your horse forwarddownward than normal connectors or bumpers
Creates more range of forward backward movement for the horse
Also called the vienna cap



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