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The JW Shang Rat Bed is an ideal accessory for small animal habitats. This hammock-like hanging basket provides a warm and cozy bed for hamsters, sugar gliders, and rats. It is made with high-quality materials that make it long-lasting and durable. The removable nest mat is easy to clean and maintains a hygienic environment for your pets. The hamster hammock is designed to be easily installed and can be placed anywhere in a rat cage. It not only provides a comfortable spot for your pets to rest but also helps in creating an interesting and stimulating environment for them to play in. Overall, the JW Shang Rat Bed is a must-have for any hamster, sugar glider, or rat owner looking to provide a cozy and comfortable home for their furry friends.

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Price: (£46.19 / count)
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Product Description

JWShang rat bedJWShang rat bed

Can be used all year roundCan be used all year round

Warm and comfortableWarm and comfortable

Easy to InstallEasy to Install

Can be used all year round

Detachable warming mat so that you can use this hammock all year round, saving you money.

Warm and comfortable

Made of soft cotton, warm and comfortable, providing a safe and comfortable resting place for your small pets.

Easy to Install

Easy and quickly attaches to cage.


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For small animals

【Durable Material】: The sugar glider bed is made of high-quality PP material, no smell, strong bearing capacity, the cushion in the basket is made of soft cotton, warm and comfortable, providing a safe and comfortable resting place for your small pets.
【Easy To Use】: This hamster hammock has two hooks, you don’ t need to trouble to install it, you only need to hang this bed in the cage, or simply place it in other places, and your pet has a perfect sleeping nest. (you can watch the video to learn how to install hooks)
【Safe For Your Pet】: Our small animal hammocks are durable and stable and safe for pets. Unlike other hammocks, their cushions are thin, fragile and unstable, and they are connected with poor straps which are easily bitten by pets and are dangerous to your pets.
【Suitable Size】: 22cm x 11cm x 13cm / 8.7in x 4.3in x 5.1in (L x W x H), normally fits for hamsters, sugar glider, baby hedgehog, rats and other small animals, please check the size before you bought for your pet.



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